Is Cryptocurrency a Women’s Domain?

One in three women admit that their connection to digital forms of money was due to someone in their social circle “motivating” or giving advice on the topic (companions, spouses, partners, etc.). The second reason is the presence of many sources of information about blockchain technology, the third is work in the field of blockchain and crypto. More information you can find on


The main motivation to explore the world of cryptocurrencies is to make money with good cryptocurrencies. In addition, many women seek to gain financial freedom. Most of them prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies (almost 50%) or hold them (about 25%).

Opportunity is perhaps the most attractive highlight that the crypto sphere has to offer to women. This means being responsible for your choice and managing your own funds, as well as the absence of restrictions for residents of certain countries, a wide choice of assets for trading / exchange, multiple approaches to working with cash, etc.


The most common reasons for choosing an asset/project in a portfolio are the current capitalization of the coin and the ability of the company to resolve problematic issues. FOMO (fear of missed opportunities) is typical for almost 40% of women.

Among the non-obvious issues preventing women from entering the blockchain realm are shared family banking accounts and social media where men can verbally abuse ladies.

At the beginning of their journey in the cryptocurrency market, most women would like to have access to more educational materials.

If you develop crypto media:

  1. Quote ladies associated with the crypto industry.
  2. Emphasize that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are easy to understand.
  3. Talk about the issues the ladies face, such as FOMO, doubt, vulnerability, and so on.

The main thing is to believe in yourself and understand that everything will work out if you discard fear of failure and laziness.

Image by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels