The hate we carry

I quite often see women say that the reason they don’t want children say they don’t want their bodies to ‘be ruined’. First of all I want to stress I have no problem with women not wanting children. I get that. I didn’t want children until I did. That is your choice and no one has the right to question that. This isn’t about not wanting children.Read More »

9 months in…

I don’t think I really took any photos when I was 9 months pregnant. But 9 months ago Stormy was born. It’s true that time goes by quickly but I have never wanted it to slow down. His progress is fascinating and every new thing he learns fills me with excitement.Read More »

Dressing up – feat. Hearts and Found

“Oh you look so nice. Are you going to a party?”

No I’m going to the park with my kid. Why do we dress up for strangers or people we rarely see instead of the people we love?
Not all the time obviously. One of the main reasons you find a partner so you can look gross in your living room and still get laid, amIrite? But we would do well in remembering that the people we see every day also appreciate an effort.Read More »

Language matters

Already before I knew the sex of my baby I knew I would avoid the words ‘son’ or ‘daughter’, ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ as much as possible. I don’t want my child’s sense of self and personality to rest on a stereotype and how the world expects a boy and a girl to behave and what they are supposed to like. And I didn’t want to encourage him or her to view him- or herself as a gender first and a human and child second.Read More »

Literary mothers to look up to

Lily Cavanaugh – The Talisman: She drinks too much, she smokes and she leaves Jack too much to himself but she also believes in him and in magic when he needs her to let him go to save her. He’s not saving her for her sake but because Jack is 11 and not ready to loose his mother and she knows that. She’s fine with dying but she doesn’t want to leave her son.Read More »

What not to expect when you’re expecting

I didn’t expect to miss him when he’s sleeping.

I didn’t expect to want to be with him all the time.

I didn’t expect to think he is cute even when he’s mad.Read More »

Presence or presents?

Were you present for the holidays? Did you upload to social media or snapchat your friends?

Well, if you were I’m here to tell you that’s totally fine. In fact any way you celebrated the holidays is fine. As long you did what made you happy and comfortable.Read More »

You failed – Press start to continue

Yesterday I failed as a parent for the first time. It’s not like I have always known what I was doing but I always felt it was a learning process with room for error. Babies are made for new parents after all. So when something hasn’t gone to plan or has been hard I learned from it.Read More »

Childhood memories

I remember it was autumn and chilly. I had been playing outside all day and my mother made me a warm bath in the evening and told me that warm baths give you a big appetite although it probably was playing outside all day that was the actual cause. She had made soup and although I’m not actually that fond of soup it was the best meal I had ever had. It was just the two of us in the old farm house that for once seemed warm enough although it was always too cold in the winter.Read More »