Frequently Asked Questions On Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions On Credit Cards

What are credit cards?

Credit cards let you pay later for any purchase you make. In case of any sort of emergency or urgent situation, when you may not have cash to make payments, credit cards can be helpful. Credit cards are often used to make purchases at the grocery store and can also be used to purchase petrol. You receive a statement at the end of each month. The statement tells you of the expenditures you have done using your credit card. It also mentions minimum balance, due date, fees, etc.

What is an additional cardholder?

An additional cardholder can be classified as anybody within your family eighteen years of age or older. They will be issued a credit card just as you would. In the event you want to enrol an additional cardholder onto your account, contact your credit card issuer.

How do balance transfers work, and what are they?

A balance transfer is the process of moving the outstanding balance of one or more credit cards under your name to another card.

What action should you take on a lost credit card?

The moment you notice your credit card is lost, or Heavens forbid stolen, you should notify your financial institution as soon as you notice it, because there is always the chance somebody might be using your card as you speak. After notifying your bank, your old card will be canceled immediately, and a replacement issued, to arrive in about a week.

What does APR mean?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and it is the percentage that you are charged per year for borrowing money. Before applying for a credit card, you must be absolutely sure of the normal APR that would be assessed per annum. The APR on one credit card may be different from that on another. Check which card suits you the best by doing your homework.

What is the way to choose a credit card?

This purely depends on your needs and situation. You would certainly want a card that does not charge a high annual fee or other charges if you want to pay other bills of yours. But if you want to use your card regularly at the cash machine, then you would have to be more concerned about qualifying for a low APR. The credit card issuer will always be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have on how they work.
What is the definition of credit card grace period?

Credit card grace period is the period in which you can pay your credit card bills before the due date and avoid finance charges. You should be aware of the grace period in order to avoid any sort of finance charges.