9 months in…

I don’t think I really took any photos when I was 9 months pregnant. But 9 months ago Stormy was born. It’s true that time goes by quickly but I have never wanted it to slow down. His progress is fascinating and every new thing he learns fills me with excitement.

Everything is fresh and new to him and I’m excited to experience it all with him.

People need to stop saying: Just wait until… or You’ll miss it when…

No. I’m not waiting for something. I’m right here right now. And I won’t miss anything when he’s older. He’ll be somewhere new and exciting and so will I. I’m not going to spend his childhood either waiting for him to be something he might never be or wishing he was younger.

For the record. Not all kids are picky eaters. Not all kids are “terrible” when they’re two (and btw what kind of language is that to use towards a child? They are being children. They are not terrible). Not all kids behave like your child. Just let parents be and experience things for themselves.

Perhaps everything would be different if other parents didn’t tell new parents how to behave and how to expect their kids to be difficult. Kids respond to their surroundings. If you expect something particular from them you act accordingly and they will respond to your behavior.

If new parents ask for help, by all means answer with your experience. But remember it’s your experience. It’s not fact. And otherwise. Just be quiet. We’ll work it out for ourselves.

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