Dressing up – feat. Hearts and Found

“Oh you look so nice. Are you going to a party?”

No I’m going to the park with my kid. Why do we dress up for strangers or people we rarely see instead of the people we love?
Not all the time obviously. One of the main reasons you find a partner so you can look gross in your living room and still get laid, amIrite? But we would do well in remembering that the people we see every day also appreciate an effort.

So I will happily dress up in my favorite new dress to go the park alone with Storm and dad (although he didn’t go this time – he stayed home to play Kingdom Hearts – and that’s love too – giving your partner a break to do what they want) – or just because. Because wanting to look nice for someone shows you care.

That being said it is still my kind of looking nice. If Storm grows up to think pantsuits are the bomb he’s in for a hard time having a mother who wears novelty prints and flowers in her hair.

The dress was a gift from Marjorie who owns the Vietnam-based Etsy shop Hearts and Found and it is the best dress I own (this and the other one which I will post about soon but I’ve already shown it on Instagram here).

I have worn both dresses a few times now and they are so comfortable and well made. I adore that they have deep pockets and that they are made to my exact measurements – and that you can mix dress pattern and print.

This is a Lana dress in Wild little flowers in a very light yellow which seems to be sold out but there are lots of other floral prints to chose from.

Cardigan was a gift from Ye-Mak.


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