A fresh start

I decided to step up my game. Better photos. Be better at posting. So you may find my blog a little empty for now.

Truth is that most days I barely get out of my dressing gown. It’s comfortable and easy. But I feel better when I look like myself. Having a baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize yourself as well. I see a lot of people saying that Instagram doesn’t “show real life”. That pisses me off. I am not putting on makeup or getting dressed to trick you all into thinking baby life is super easy. I put makeup on for me. I dress up for me. So that I feel good about myself.

And I have nothing but respect for the moms who make it look easy. You are my heroes. I don’t need to see the mess and the messed up hair. I know that! I live that! I know everyone with a child has days like that. No, I want to see that there is still real life besides all the baby stuff. I want to see mothers take time for themselves and put themselves first once in a while. Good for you!

Dress – LindyBop, Shirt and coat – old from Modcloth.

2 thoughts on “A fresh start

  1. Well Miss have debated on writing a number of times since I am basically a crossdresser who got into this because I have always admirered your fashion sense and the way you dress, so was never sure how something from a person from me would be taken. It always makes me wish it is something I could wear and enjoy freely myself. Reading this post though you should always go what is best for you. People saying you don’t post real life obviously don’t know your real life. People should also not be expecting you to post every part of your daily life just to make things look more “real”. You should only post what makes you happiest and what you feel best about. Above all what you want to post. Thank you for everything you do and hope to keep following you.


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