Childhood memories

I remember it was autumn and chilly. I had been playing outside all day and my mother made me a warm bath in the evening and told me that warm baths give you a big appetite although it probably was playing outside all day that was the actual cause. She had made soup and although I’m not actually that fond of soup it was the best meal I had ever had. It was just the two of us in the old farm house that for once seemed warm enough although it was always too cold in the winter.

I don’t know if this actually happened or if I made it up from several different memories but it makes me happy so I guess it doesn’t matter. I want to give Stormy a memory like that. In fact I want to give him more than one. I want to make traditions with him and his dad that are just ours – to always make soup if we spend an entire day in the snow. To always eat pancakes for breakfast on birthdays. Or for dinner if he’s feeling sad. Things he’ll remember fondly as he grows older and that’ll make him feel safe and happy when he needs it.

These soup cups belonged to my late Grandma. I don’t remember ever using them in her house although she often made soup (especially borstj as she was Ukranian) but they were in her cupboard for as long as I could remember and when she died they were all I brought home from her house in England. I have six and each one has a different recipe.

I always loved them because they reminded me of that particular memory.

Old dress – Bernie Dexter, old cardigan – Mak Sweater (Modcloth), old coat – OASAP, shoes – found on Amazon.

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