The Stormy Nursery

I figured I’d give you a little tour of the nursery aka Stormys room. He is due in exactly one month on September 10 but we’re pretty much ready. So bring it on Storm ⛈Pachniuk-Johnsen.

Obviously we have just put everything in his room for now. It will leak out into the rest of the flat once he’s here. Like his pram isn’t going to stay up here but for now there’s no point in leaving it outside. We are still missing a few touches like securing the cables but since he isn’t going anywhere the first few months there’s no rush.

I had no theme in mind. We have just gotten the stuff we liked. The only criteria I had was: Lots and lots of colours and nothing too gender specific – sure he has a penis, that doesn’t mean blue is the only colour in existence or that he will like cars. And since I like animals I have bought a lot of animal themed stuff. One of my favourite things is the mammoth – it was way too expensive and boyfriend thinks it looks like a mop on wheels but I adore it 😀

I know this could have been done cheaper and we could have waited getting a lot of stuff until the need arrived but both me and spawn father are planners – or lets face it…preppers 😉

We do not put off to tomorrow what could be foreseen today. Anyway, it has become my favourite room in the flat. The yellow colour (which I call sherbet lemon even though it’s called melon something) makes sure it always looks like the sun is shining even when you walk by the open door. The sofa is for our benefit and will be replaced by something for him when he’s older.



3 thoughts on “The Stormy Nursery

  1. Everything is very beautiful!😍
    I fell in love with the color of the room. It looks particularly warm and comfortable. Your baby is very lucky 🙂 🌟
    You are also very right about the cute hairy mammoth…😜 👍


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