BBRBF Book Club #9 – Caraval

This was a very easy and enjoyable read! I liked it from the beginning, but I didn’t fully love it until the middle and the ending was a little bit too easy – however, the epilogue triggered my curiosity and I am definitely reading the next one!

I did think it would be more circusy – this was definitely more like a game but once I got over that I was alright 😉 Our main character is a very proper girl and she talks about her horrible scandalous dress so I decided to dress accordingly – scandalous! I would definitely pay a few days of my life for a magic dress that changes after how it feels (note! Not how I feel!) but I guess I can also understand the annoying aspect of that – to suddenly be wearing a sheer dress when opening the door for the pizza delievery guy because the dress feels flirty could be extremely awkward. Or wearing black for a week because it felt depressed.

I can’t really tell you what made the ending a bit too easy for me without spoiling a LOT so you’ll have to see for yourself but I will say it wasn’t like it ruined the book for me – I just sometimes wish authors were a little bolder and would just kill off their characters…whoops. Too much? Oh well you still don’t know. Trust me. Or maybe you are brighter than me 😉 But I didn’t know what to believe most of the time.

This book is definitely my type of book and I can’t wait to see what the other ladies thought of it – most of them are not as avid fantasy readers as I am but I am hoping they enjoyed it. I sure did. The world building wasn’t impressive but that really wasn’t necessary if you ask me – and I guess you do since you’re here. We know it’s a world similar to ours but not ours since magic exists. It’s vaguely 1800/1900 century style probably, women are considered property, must be virgins, dresses are huge and fancy, you know the drill. I almost always enjoy that style – well not that it’s cool that women are property but that’s usually part of what they are breaking away from. And it is in this book as well. Our heroin, Scarlet and her sister, Tella are kept prisoners by a violent, mean spirited murder dad who intends to marry off the eldest sister to a mostly unknown count – and she wants that. Because it’s a way out. The younger sister however is quite the scandalous little minx (I mean that lovingly btw). She flirts and wants to run away. She wants freedom and adventure and Scarlet just wants for them both to be safe – but what is safety without freedom?

So when Scarlet finally is offered tickets to Caraval she decides not to go – it will ruin her chances of marrying mystery count but Tella obviously has other plans and kidnaps her sister. And then Scarlet has to play the game because the price is one wish – oh and the way to win is to find Tella who is stolen by Legend. It’s difficult not to get annoyed with either sister. Tella for being seemingly selfish and forcing Scarlet to go to Caraval and Scarlet for being so scared to live a little – but you also get both. Tella just wants Scarlet to make her own decisions and Scarlets just wants Tella to not…die. It’s a tale of adventure and sisterly love – and love in general. And lies and deceit and murder. I liked it.

Dress – Collectif Clothing, shoes and hat thingy – old Modcloth, necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity, pins – Fable & Black.

Don’t forget to check out the posts from the rest of the BBRBF Book Club and see how they liked the book. Next months book is….Lillian Boxfish takes a walk! I’m skipping June but you can always read along and check out the other ladies thoughts on the book. And as always if you want to be friends on Goodreads feel free to add me, I accept everyone 🙂

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2 thoughts on “BBRBF Book Club #9 – Caraval

  1. I had a lot of fun reading Caraval! I, too, loved her dress. What a sneaky and fun dress! If only we had magical dresses in real life. I also love that you had a gold cover and got to rock this awesome dress! PERFECT MATCH!!!!!

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