BBRBF Book Club #8 – The secret history of Wonder Woman

It can’t possibly be a surprise that I chose to channel Wonder Womans secret identity Diana Prince instead of Wonder Woman in her true form – although I did stick to the color scheme – otherwise I’d just be…me. And I really do hate pencil skirts – well, not hate but…they are almost leg prisons, you know. 

Anyway on to the book! I didn’t read it. Not all of it. Because I’m an idiot and I always think I have all the time in the world until I don’t. But I did read almost a third and I can say that I actually love it even though I’m not really into non-fiction. It is so interesting and it certainly makes me grateful for all the women before me who fought so hard for the right to education and being able to do the same things as men. It is still a pretty white perspective so far and I’m guessing it will be all the way through, twas’ the time unfortunately.

I have never really been a Wonder Woman fan to be honest. I do enjoy superheroes M/F but mostly in the later years and as movies. I did read comic books but mostly Franka, Yoko Tsuno, Calvin & Hobbes, Lanfeust de Troy and many others – all of these have obviously been translated to Danish. I didn’t speak French as a kid. Or as an adult for that matter even though I took it for two years. So I don’t have a relationsship with Wonder Woman but now I wish I had. I didn’t know she was that feminist and frankly I could have used that as a pesky know it all teen who had some seriously problematic opinions about men and women (and homosexuals and poc – I wasn’t “burn them at the stake” racist but knowing what I know now I was definitely both racist, ignorant and discriminating . I am not proud of it but I think we have to admit these things – fortunately I got wiser and now I try my best to educate others and especially to mediate diverse literature since that’s what I do). I think even though Wonder Woman is predominantly white she would have done wonders for me growing up. I subscribed to the belief that men were just better bosses, that women could just try harder and that women (myself excluded of course) were more caring and empathic by nature – I know I was such a rebel – eye roll.

But hey about the book – super interesting but I won’t conclude too much given I have only read a third (and that’s without the afterword which is another 100 pages)

But so far. Yay! 😉

Also check out the posts from the rest of the BBRBF Book Club and see how they liked the book. Next months book is Caraval. And iff you want to be friends on Goodreads feel free to add me, I accept everyone 🙂

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