These are a few of my favourite…trilogies

I read a lot of books – some are fine, some are mediocre to my tastes and some are awesome! I also find that the more I read the more it takes to satisfy me but I still try to see the books qualities rather than their flaws. That being said of course I have favourites and I have collected some of them. This time it’s all about trilogies.

  • I will forever adore The Hunger Games. To me that stands pretty much unrivalled as to science fiction trilogies.

Dress – Cath Kidston, cardigan – Modcloth, gold flats – H&M

  • But…the Red Rising trilogy is very very good as well. Very different but so well written. And a new trilogy in the universe is on its way.


  • The Magicians is to me almost equal to Harry Potter but nothing like it even if it also takes place in a wizarding academy. Nothing like it at all.


  • Half Bad broke my heart in about 67 different ways and I loved every one of them because I’m a masochist.


  • I don’t have to mention Lord of the Rings, right? We all know it’ s gonna be here…


  • His Dark Materials blew me away in the best way and I can’t wait for the new trilogy coming in October.


  • Marie Lu writes amazing trilogies but if I have to pick just one of them it would have to be The Young Elites. How often do you get to root for the villain?






One thought on “These are a few of my favourite…trilogies

  1. Hello!! I’ve only read the Hunger games, His Dark Materials and the Lord of the ringsout of these. Just finished the Pat Barker WW1 trilogy too. I enjoyed reading the Maze Runner trilogy although I found it very dark. Also The Dark Sword trilogy but it ended weirdly!!! Trying to think of any others….


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