Pegasi in space feat. LindyBop

So how many times have you thought: Gosh I wish I had a dress with pegasi and also space? Me too! But I am all set now.

DressLindyBop, shoes – Bait Footwear, unicorn broochLavinias Tea Party

Your keen eye may have noticed a rogue unicorn – I added that because you can never have enough awesomeness.

I had a hard time choosing between this dress and one of the other ones in the same print. One (this one) was slightly shorter, had a collar and sleeves but…the other one had pockets. It is never easy to forego a dress with pockets but as you may remember long dresses are my nemesis. I may think: “This looks alright actually” when trying it on and vow to wear it but in reality it will go in my wardrobe and wait until I get it hemmed. So the shorter dress won. And I’m a sucker for a collar and sleeves. But I really wish all dresses came with pockets.

But sometimes I am completely willing to trade in pockets for a cute collar and sleeves. There are other items in the print but these two were the ones I liked the best. But generally LindyBop has really upped their novelty print game and there several I’m still pining for (this, this, this and this just to mention a few) – but also some not novelty prints such as this mustard dress set. I have no idea when I would wear it but it sure looks elegant.



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