Black on black feat. Lady K Loves

I don’t wear trousers – not very often. It’s not that I don’t want to I just can’t find any that fits properly. I’m pretty short and when it comes to trousers that is a disadvantages. One thing is the length of the legs, that can be fixed, but the rest of my body is equally short. So when I tried the Lady K Loves Hug Me jeans a few years ago the high waist was much to high and I was pretty gutted because they look sooo good on other (taller) people. I would have loved a good pair of jeans to pair with sweaters and cute tops. I gave up on my trouser adventure after that since sending back from Denmark is pretty costly when something doesn’t fit.

But when Lady K Loves approached me about a collab I decided to give it another go. And yay! I’m glad I did. The May trousers are perfect! They may be meant to be capris or above ankle length btw…but whatever 😉

For reference I am 4’10” and 26″ waist and the XS was a little bit tight in the waist.

May trousers,  Bernie sweater, sun glasses and Sarika sweater c/o Lady K Loves, cat shoes – TUK, loafers – Modcloth



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