Something punny about a zebra maybe feat. Dolly & Dotty

This post is long overdue but the dress is sooo long I just couldn’t get some decent photos of it. The last time I wore Dolly & Dotty the fit was much better so I think I’ll stick to that model – which is fine by me btw. I love that dress and even had it hemmed for summer so it fits even better. I’d like it in every color. And when I get an opportunity I’ll have this one hemmed as well. I knew it would be too long when I said yes to review it so my eyes were open.

I won’t go into being really short and why dresses are always so long because I do understand that it is easier to hem something than to add length. But it also means that everything becomes more more expensive if you’re short. I can’t sew and even if I wanted to I don’t own a sewing machine and buying one just to hem 10 dresses a year would probably be a bad investment especially considering how bad I was at sewing when I was in school. I would NEVER dare to touch a $100 dress anyway in case I ruined it.

Dress c/o Dolly & Dotty. Shoes – old from Modcloth. Cardigan – old from New Look. Brooch – Etsy. Cat ears – old.

I live in Denmark where these services (dry cleaning and altering) are pretty expensive so it’s not ‘just’ having something done. I usually gather a bunch and hunt down a good offer but it will easily cost me $20 a dress. So quite often it takes me a while because I have to save up for a bit. You may look at my dress and book collection and think I have a lot of money but it’s all about priorities. I don’t go out much, I never go to concerts, the theater etc. I work as a part time librarian (30h/week). Obviously I am not a millionaire. And now that I can’t afford dresses like I used to I am just thankful that I have a closet full of dresses that will last me half a lifetime.

The Claudia is still my favorite but I am sure once the white panel has been removed from this one this will be up there too. I do love black and white.




3 thoughts on “Something punny about a zebra maybe feat. Dolly & Dotty

  1. I always look forward to your posts because you always look so darling!
    And I hear you about priorities. People will never know the truth of anyone else’s situation, so it’s easier for them to make assumptions. A lot of what I get is either snagged on a really good sale or it was gifted to me.


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