Why do we need feminism? Zombies!

Did I get your attention? Good good. I always forget about International women’s day and yeah I should probably have posted something there. I am perhaps surprisingly unorganized for a librarian but you know that by now.

Why do we need feminism? Because women are fucked (literally) when the apocalypse comes. If men haven’t gotten the message that women are PEOPLE when society goes belly up a lot of us will end up as sex slaves and breeding stock. We need feminism because feminism is the best way to ensure humanity prevails without laws and the moral boundaries society usually provides for most of us. And we need feminism because some places, for some people (and especially women) it is already like scenes from Walking Dead. Women are sold as cattle – or in fact not even cattle because usually cows aren’t raped by their owners (I said usually).

And we do have a lot of men on our side. But we need more. Because we can’t fight all the misogynistic arseholes when the apocalypse comes. We need those bullets for hunting and zombies.

What inspired me to write this:

Walking Dead 

Mad Max – Fury Road

The Young World

The Stand

And if you are looking for a brilliant gothic fairytale that takes place in the 1800s (aren’t we all?) I recommend The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge (and also A Face like Glass which is less obvious feminist but still is but mostly it is just beautifully written – like goosebumps beautiful). I own no less than three copies of The Lie Tree, one in Danish, the english paperback and this gorgeous hardback illustrated by the wonderful Chris Riddell.

And hey we also need feminism because cat calling, equal pay, rape culture and all that – but that all follows if we teach our sons and daughters that women are in fact people and deserve respect – not because they are someones daughter or mother or sister – but because they are human beings. And don’t forget it isn’t feminism if it doesn’t include brown, black, trans, gay, Asian, all women – and men.



Dress – Bernie Dexter (old Paris) Shoes – Modcloth (old) Cardigan – Fever London (old)

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