BBRBF Book Club #6 – Or bad literary consience

This was supposed to be about The Bette Davis Club, but..I ordered the book a month ago from my usual book dealer and was told it would arrive this Monday. I thought that would be fine. It’s a rather light book, I could surely read it in three days. But when it was supposed to arrive I got an email instead saying it was sold out from the publisher and they couldn’t get it afterall. No libraries in Denmark have bought it and I don’t read ebooks, and I didn’t have time to order it from Amazon or Book Depository or somewhere else that might a copy in stock. So I failed in getting my paws on the book at all.

…to be completely honest I wasn’t that upset about it. I wasn’t that keen to read it. The book club life is perhaps not for me. I don’t have trouble finding books to read, I have always unread books on my shelves. This does seem to be a little too structured for me and while I do end up reading books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise I also don’t like them as much as books I chose for myself.

What put me off in the first place about this book was the title. Bette Davies. I don’t idolize or even care for old movies stars. I can certainly appreciate that they look brilliant, the style is lovely but I hate old movies. I mean unless you count classics such as Night of the living dead (’68), Nosferatu (’22) and Dracula (’31). I am very much the epitome of Vintage style not vintage values. I have never even watched Casablanca.
I think it’s fine when people embrace the whole vintage culture, to each their own, you know? But it’s not for me. I appreciate the style but not the culture. I even got bored halfway through Mad Men. We get it. Lots of drinking, terrible parenting and relationships with a big side order of misogyny and racism (it was the time, yeah and I don’t care for that time).


Dress – old from Stop Staring, Shoes – old from Bait Footwear, brooch c/o Lavinia’s Tea Party, stockings – who knows?, cardigan – same as stockings.

So yeah, I definitely judge books by their covers and titles. I absolutely would have read this had I gotten it though. It did sound like it might be fun. Not quite fun enough to try and find it now though 😉 But if it’s ever translated into Danish and I can borrow it from the library I just might.

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And this time I actually remembered: next months book is my pick and it is The invisible life of Ivan Isaenko. Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “BBRBF Book Club #6 – Or bad literary consience

  1. I haven’t finished the book yet, and I can completely relate to the structure thing. I like having all of the suggestions for books to read, and the motivation to read new books (because I don’t sit to read as often as I wish I did) but… it’s a lot to do it monthly. I’m thinking about doing every-other-month this year instead. Especially since I only have 8 posts in a month (if I plan well and it doesn’t rain) and I have gotten more and more collaborations lately. It’s something I’m working towards, of course, but it’s hard to have every single post promised to someone and not have a few posts that I can just do whatever I want with.

    I’m aiming to find some balance and actually set up schedules so that I don’t feel so overbooked (ha!) all the time.

    I’m excited to read your pick next month though! And don’t feel obligated to do every single month, just join when you like what’s being suggested!

    I love your outfit, as always. 🙂


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