What makes me smile at people

We should probably always smile at strangers but we would look like lunatics if we did so we don’t. But sometimes (if I’m paying attention to my surroundings and not listening to a podcast or something) I make an extra effort to smile to people. And I don’t care if they smile back. It’s not a get something back situation. A smile is just a gift. Not something that you should ever expect to be reciprocated.


1: People who wear something really fancy. Chances are that they are a little out of their comfort zone and could use the backup.

2: People who look really messy. They probably had a rough day and could use a smile.

3: Children who cry – and their parent/s. Even if it’s an annoying full blown melt down in the supermarket. No one is more uncomfortable than the parent and the kid. Kids pull that shit. It’s not to annoy you.

4: Women who wear hijab or niqab. I got your back, sister. We’re not all assholes.




One thought on “What makes me smile at people

  1. You left out two points:

    5. Any person working at a front desk or checkout who looks really stressed, for example librarians, convenience store clerks or the like.

    6. Miss Information, for posting this. =)


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