BBFBR Book Club #5 – Stardust

I skipped last months book club post. I just couldn’t get into the book (Swamplandia) and after 30 pp or so I just gave up. I will read it eventually but I have had a rough couple of reading months. It’s surprisingly stressful not having anything to do…

Aaand I even cheated this month 😉 I am pretty much broke and while I could have checked out Stardust from the library…I decided not to. And instead listen to this fullcast audiobook/radio production BBC4 did.


I am a huge Gaiman fan so I am not going to lie this was the first time since Fangirl* I was genuinely excited about the book of the month (and Frankenstein, but that was my choice so it doesn’t really count). I have never read Stardust before though but I did already know that it is quite different from the (really cool!) movie.


So did I love the book/radio production as much as I loved the movie? Yes. Because I am a loyal and good fangirl and I wouldn’t want to say anything bad about Mr. Gaiman. No, but honestly I did! And it is quite different. There is a lot more emphasis on the looove story in the movie (and the gay pirate captain is hilarious) and I liked that Dunstan is a single dad. But Gaiman is just brilliant with his storytelling and his language so I couldn’t possibly say I prefer one over the other. It’s two very different versions of the story.


I also listened to the 10 year anniversary fullcast audiobook of American Gods and omg! That is amazing as well. If you need to spend about 20 hours on something you should listen to it – even if you have already read it. This version is 12.000 words longer than the original – authors preferred text.


Stardust contains several stories but they all revolve around Tristan and Yvaine – Yvaine because she is the fallen star and in possesion of a jewel the princes of Fairee need in order to become king. Also a witch is looking for the star because consuming a stars heart will grant you youth again. Tristan because…well, you’ll find out if you read it. He’s a silly boy who believes his love interest will marry him if he retrieves the fallen star – why would he believe that? Because she said so. The reader knows this will never happen but Tristan is rather blinded by opportunity and young infatuation.

It turns out to be quite a journey and while it’s never sitting on the edge of your seat-suspenseful I so enjoy Gaimans storytelling that I was captivated from start to beginning.


Dress: Pinup girl Clothing – Shoes and cardigan: Modcloth – Necklace c/o Eejewellery

Now to the outfit I picked. The paperback is purple (and I will purchase it once I’m not broke anymore) so Obviously…purple. Also, to me magic and this particular kind of fantasy with witches and fallen stars is purple and pink – it’s got nothing to with it being girly colors because frankly Gaiman is genderless. Not the author. He’s a dude. But his works of fiction (and non-fiction) are not ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ books. Not even this even though it’s also a love story. But I think this magic is glittery and pinkish/purple. I also crammed as many stars as I could find in 😉




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*Should I begin to do more videos again? It’s a lot of work so if you don’t really care, I’m not going to bother. Let me know! 😀


4 thoughts on “BBFBR Book Club #5 – Stardust

  1. I am totally feeling your look – I see those star earrings and space themed necklace!! 😉
    As usual all our outfits vary so much and I LOVE it!! Just add some winds and you’d fit right in with the Faerie world!!


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