Vintage Secrets feat. Laura Slater & Plexus Publishing Ltd. (or as naked as I get online – maybe)

I think other vintage/retro style ladies can say Hell yes to this next statement:

If I had a dollar for every someone assumed I liked all 50s culture, I could buy a hell of a lot more dresses.

But then I do like knowledge – and I will rather flip through a vintage about old Hollywood beauty than a modern fashion magazine. Not a bad word about you if you like new Chanel and high street fashion but obviously it’s not for me. Although I did have a bit of a crisis after I cut half my hair off but mostly because I thought I couldn’t pull the vintage look of anymore. But frankly….I think I can.


Hollywood Beauty – Vintage Secrets c/o Plexus Books

I had a lot of fun flicking through this and seeing all the stuff I do wrong  😉 But that’s the thing about dressing the way we do. We who? We – who do not dress normally – it doesn’t really matter if you’re goth, retro or Disneybounder – we’re all in the same boat. We do not find the high street stores represent us. And to get back to my point – you CAN’T do it wrong. It’s putting on clothes and makeup. If you like what you’re doing, you’re doing it right.


That being said I do like to at least know what I’m doing wrong. So I found the book really interesting. It also gave me a lot of new inspiration.


It is full of photos, old advertisements and quotes and it is frankly a lot of fun. Dressing should be fun and I personally find that dressing up even when feeling sluggish actually improves my mood. But I’m not going to pretend I do it every day even so. Reading this book made me want to though. There’s just something about that old school glamour that modern looks just can’t compete with.



I am wearing Orchard corset, true vintage dress, old Oasis necklace, Luxulite brooch and bait footwear.




4 thoughts on “Vintage Secrets feat. Laura Slater & Plexus Publishing Ltd. (or as naked as I get online – maybe)

  1. It’s funny how you can like a certain aesthetic and people assume you like all of the stereotypes that go with that aesthetic. Just because I dress in full skirts does not mean I like female oppression thank you.

    … but I am a bad example of things, being both a vintage lover and a housewife. Ha! I adore this dress and all of the lavender colors! You look gorgeous!

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