Gingers unite feat. How to do fashion

Nanna from How to do fashion asked if she could send me a brooch and I of course said yes please and thank you! As you get older you get fewer and fewer presents for Christmas and this year in particular. Because I’m on unemployment support I can’t afford Christmas presents (or at least only small ones). So receiving this felt kinds like an extra Christmas present ❤

Ginger ladyHow to do fashion

I’ve named her Miss Weasley. If you know how to sew you should check out Nannas vintage inspired pattern. I am not creatively gifted but if I was I would be all over Svaneke and London.



One thought on “Gingers unite feat. How to do fashion

  1. Ah, she makes the cutest brooches! I may attempt one of my own someday. And I can relate to not really having money for gifts this year; we survive on my husband’s paycheck because he and I both would like me to stay at home with the kids (and any job I can find is not going to be a good income if we’re paying for childcare anyway), so we rarely have money to send out gifts. I’m making as many as I can with what I have! It’s actually pretty fun, too; I love to make and give things, and I’ve chosen easy projects so it’s not too overwhelming.

    You look perfect in that dress, by the way! Best of luck on your continued job hunt!



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