Woodland houndstooth feat. StyleWe #1

If I had to describe my style in one…okay two words, no wait. One sentence! Yes, let’s go with that. If I had to describe my style in one sentence it would be… Uhm, isn’t she too old for that?!

I am not going to lie. It is something I occasionally worry about. I am 32 years old and I cannot help myself if I see a silly print. And this is right up my alley. A seemingly very appropriate black and white houndstooth dress and then someone spilled a bucket of lively coloured animals and mushrooms all over it. And I love it!

(Well, except I am rather disappointed about the missing book and animals. In the stock photo there was a book on the front of the dress and a lot more critters and even bigger mushrooms- see the link under the picture  – so you should probably be aware of that, I guess? Maybe I was just unlucky? It’s still cute but had I paid for it I would have been pretty sad that it is so different from the photo.)


Dress c/o StyleWe

Tights – eBay

Shoes – T.U.K. from Modcloth

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-1

And now that I am looking for a job, I do think about it. Will an employer take me seriously enough to give me a chance to prove that I am a damn good children’s librarian or will they hire the more…traditional librarian? With more experience?

And it’s so easy to say: Damn them of they don’t like you, you don’t need them!

But I do. I really do. One thing is that I am bored out of my mind and spending too much time on Facebook because that’s the closest I get to interacting with people these days (my friends have jobs…they have shit to do during the day) (also do you follow my facebook? It’s where I do most of my feminist ranting).

And that’s the luxury problem. I have $1000 dollars until january. My rent is $855 a month. And I have bills for about $400 more. See the problem? We do have pretty good unemployment coverage in Denmark, but it does not take into account that some of us are unlucky and have extremely expensive places to live because we had no choice. When my phone got stolen my meager savings went to covering that. I was supposed to add that to the couple of months I was going to be unemployed. It wouldn’t be super fun but I would have been okay. Now I can’t even pay my bills. So once again thanks you stupid son of a…well actually it’s not necessarily his moms fault so I won’t call her names.

And the rent thing. Well, say goodbye to the shelves because I gave my notice to move out yesterday. I simply can’t afford this place so my pictures will be significantly less well lit in the future – not right away. I have until february but I will start moving the books though.


So anyway I need a job and I’m almost disappointed in myself but when I picked out my outfit for the interview I have today, I went with black and grey. I know, I know. I preach wear what you want but to quote Alice:

“I give very good advice but I very seldom follow it”

But even so as this is posted I already had my interview and fingers crossed they can’t live without me. It’s a local library, just a mile or so away, it’s a true children’s librarian position but with social media and communications, so you know…basically my dream job. I will keep ya updated as always 😉




3 thoughts on “Woodland houndstooth feat. StyleWe #1

  1. I do love this dress on you – but yes, very different than the site portrays! This looks like one of those sites from Asia, though, that is infamous for doing that? Meh, it’s a cute dress regardless! I still send you good vibes for the job hunt – I always “tone” myself down a bit for interviews. I still wore dresses on mine, but didn’t go FULL ON SARA. Not that it’s a bad thing that we dress so colorfully, but certainly I understand wanting to look as professional as possible. I’ll stand out regardless but not too much – I will work my true self back in once I get the job 😉


    • Isn’t it?! I was really surprised at how much. I have no idea. The other dress is just like the picture so maybe I was just unlucky.
      And yeah I totally do the toning down thing as well. And in the beginning when I start a new job. Ease them into my style hahah


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