BBFBR Book Club #4 – Not working

Yeah, that title turned out weirdly prophetic… Still don’t have a job. *sighs*

I got a Danish review copy of this months book, so it’s just “Not working” in Danish on the book. I swear it’s the right book I’ve read.

This months #BBRBF post kinda snuck up on me so I ended up reading the book yesterday and made a video while reading it. As you can tell this book is probably not ending up on my favourite books of all time list >.<

Don’t forget to check out the posts from Sara from In a nutshell, Noelle from The Classy Junk and Helene from Circle Skirts & Petticoats and see what they thought of the book and which outfits they chose to go with Not working. Probably something more exiting than what I did but I wanted you to get the full experience from a person literally Not working 😉 

5 thoughts on “BBFBR Book Club #4 – Not working

  1. OMG I loved the video and really loved that you had such a fitting perspective all while eating noodles – it’s pretty darn fitting to me! She was pretty pathetic, right?? She drove me nuts – she’s a total HOT MESS! Also, kudos to having She & Him on in the background!! WOoo!

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  2. I am feeling a bit glad that I took this month off! The book does not sound much like my cup of tea either, and I think I would have struggled with it. That’s too bad! Your Not Working outfit looks much cuter than it sounds like the girl in the book cared to wear. Haha!

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