The most wonderful time of the year feat. Palava

Well , this was supposed to be a lighthearted post about Christmas parties (it’s November so we can start being Christmassy, right?!), but I think the US election has put a damper on most of our joy.

Or maybe we do need something lighthearted? I dunno. I spend yesterday reading people’s tweets and facebook posts while drinking wine and I’m not going to lie – tears were streaming down my face. I am genuinely so sorry and fearful for all my American friends and followers. I wish you all the best, I really do. And I couldn’t not mention this. I owe you that much.

But hey! Christmas parties are the best, am I right? Every year I have the same romantic idea of elegant yet fun cocktail parties with lots of glitter and decorations – you know like in the movies? It’s never quite like that, is it….

First of all, I don’t get invited to that many Christmas parties. And secondly, it’s mostly…just a party with maybe a little glitter and a lot of fatty food (which I love, don’t get me wrong). And I am guilty of this myself – I may invite people over for a small party and in the end I just can’t be bothered to buy a bunch of decorations because it’s expensive and I just have to clean it up the next day. Praticality beats pretty.

I can’t help thinking that it’s just another way to set us, regular people, up for failure – portraying the perfect seasons in movies and TV shows (don’t get me started on snow). Just like the Gilmores can eat junk food all the time without gaining weight – yeah, I definitely can’t do that. I appreciate the thought – that they don’t live off salads and nothing – but still…


It’s the same with autumn – I always look so much forward to it. The falling leaves, the crisp air – and in reality it’s freezing gales of wind and icy rain in the face – romantic!

Dress c/o Palava

Shoes – old (New Look)

Tights – old (eBay)

Gift hair band – also old sorry (Silly Old Seadog)

And maybe it’s okay…because we wouldn’t feel quite as good if everything depicted reality, right? Just like the pretty pictures gets more likes on IG. We like the illusion. I know I do. Because in the end movies and books are quite often a way to escape to a better or more interesting world (Harry Potter), even if that reality is worse than your own (Hunger Games (dystopian), The fault in our stars (cancer),  etc)…or just different (Bridget Jones, Anna and the french kiss etc). Movies and books are a way of being someone else for a bit, to be somewhere else. In a world where the Christmas parties are lavish and sparkly ❤ And we can still dress like they are… I certainly intend to 😉



Ps. Just because I thought it would be fun I also took a few updated photos with the dresses from my last collabs with Palava (formerly known as Bryony formerly know as Poppy – they have had so much trouble with their brand name 😦 )

Original post here and here.


4 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year feat. Palava

  1. Everything Palava touches is beautiful! Ahh so lovely and this dress is super cute and fun! I love the little gift box headband you have on here – MAY THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN! I refuse to let this election bring me down – we can stand up and help each other during this time and not fight/bicker/complain. We can choose to have each other’s backs and try to inspire others! And celebrate Christmas 😉


  2. Palava has the cutest dresses! I’ve never heard of this brand before. I love that you paired those striped tights with it; my pattern-loving self is gleeful. You look so festive! And I am right there with you; we don’t get invited to a lot of Christmas parties, and they’re usually just casual. But hooray for fatty food every once in a while! Haha!


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