Back to normal

So I am unemployed – in case you missed that on Instagram and Twitter… I am also absolutely sick of my hair. I could live with it in person I guess but in photos it just looks awful.

And I had almost made the decision to dye it brown because why not? But then…I started thinking: what if people thought I did it because I am afraid I am less like to be hired for a new job, because I have a uncommon hair colour. And I will admit – that for a moment there, I didn’t want to change it. Because I genuinely support people with strange hair colours, tattoos, people who don’t ‘look normal’.

My last hair colour while definitely noticeable it was still in the ‘normal’ range – we know redheaded people, so orange isn’t that much of a stretch. But blue is only normal in Pokemon/anime worlds. And this ombre grey/seaweed – that’s just plain old weird.

And the thing is I don’t mind making stands for things I believe in. I don’t mind ‘over sharing’ to make people with the same issues realize that they are not alone – but in the end – I hate my hair. Am I going to give up on my quest for granny grey?

Well, I ended up scrolling way down in my IG feed – and frankly – I miss this look. So screw it. I am going back to orangey red. I was clearly supposed to look like this. Blue was a fun detour but in the end that’s all it was. A detour. Now let’s get back to normal 😉



2 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. You really really do look amazing with orangey red hair! I wish you the bst of luck finding your “normal” hair! I really miss having pink or red hair, but for the moment I want my locks to get back to some semblance of length and health before I go about dyeing them again! I may eventually go back to pink. Because. I loved pink.

    I love your outfit! That mustard coat is so lovely!



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