Two weeks without a phone feat. Emmy Design

In short – it sucked. Some people may find it relaxing or even liberating. And I thought I might feel the same. A weight lifted off my shoulders… Nope. I hated it with a vengence. More than that. I loathed it. It wasn’t a vacation, I was just cut off.

“We have the knowledge of the ages, gathered for us to browse, in our pockets. If we seriously think that is a bad thing; if we seriously think that’s something we should turn our back on, or sniff at, then we really deserve a slapping. This is astounding technology; we should just take a moment to celebrate the power and the reach that it gives us across time and across ideas and across continents, both past, future and present to connect with people” – Stephen Fry.


I am not afraid of techonology or social media (obviously), I do not fear for our children because they are generation Web. I fear for our children because adults still think the internet is dangerous and something to used in moderation rather than teach children how to use it constructively – sure the Internet is a place of games and entertainment. But we as humanity also have a unique and amazing opportunity – we have all the knowledge we want right at our fingertips. The problem isn’t that our children are online all the time, it is that we as adults fail to teach them the incredible opportunities they have.


I genuinely believe that every child is born with a natural thirst for knowledge – how would we as a society be where we are if that is not true? But we, the adults, get lazy. We forget that we mould the children, mould their minds. When we complain that our kid spends all his time on the iPad consider: why is this a problem? And why does he do that? The problem isn’t that kids play with tablets, it is that they play alone. And that would also be problem without that tablet. Because kids learn from us.


No kid is born with an iPad. But the phone, computer or tablet quickly becomes a babysitter – just as the TV used to be and to some degree still is. Mum and dad need some peace – here, play a game. And I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but they didn’t get it from nowhere. And if they are never taught that the smartphone or tablet can be something else than an expensive gameboy…how would they know? We hear about Generation Web and digital natives but being able to use a device and be quicker to adapt to new techology does not make you smart. We have the responsibility to make our kids smart.


So anyway, my phone got stolen (thanks asshole, that ended up costing me $900 I do NOT have) and I had some trouble getting a new SIM card so I was without my phone for almost 2 weeks. 13 days. And I didn’t feel any relief. It wasn’t FOMO (fear of missing out), I still had my crummy work iPad and my even crummier old as fuck Mac. But I missed it like hell. I missed the instant information I have gotten so used to. I missed looking up an actor on IMDB, researching books, finding facts. I missed the knowledge it gives me access to. And I missed the network. I missed you guys.

img_0283 img_0246

Dress c/o Emmy Design Sweden

Shoes (old) – Modcloth

CardiganFever London

Brooch c/o Jubly-Umph

I admit it. I am an information junkie – why do you think I am a librarian? I am what you call a digital optimist. I don’t ignore the problems that the online world has brought with it but I think the positives outweigh the negatives by miles. We do more to scare the kids than to actually inform and teach them – we will rather scare our daughters to not send nude photos than teach our sons about decent behavior and not share things that someone trusted you with. We will rather scare kids and tell them about perverts and rapists than actually teach them how to be safe and research where they can be online with moderators or how to get help if they happen to encounter a pervert or get bullied online.

img_0194 img_0202

I am thrilled to have my phone back. My connection to the world, to the vast amounts of information and entertainment it provides me with. And I am more sure than ever that the only way is forward.


Now let’s talk a little about this dress. Because while I loved it online it was also a cruel reminder that we don’t all look alike. It never occurred to me that it might sit differently on my frame but unfortunately the cap sleeves along with the neckline make my shoulders look like I’m a wrestler. Hence the cardigan 🙂  Other than that which is just unlucky for me the quality is amazing. The fabric is super heavy and falls beautifully and once I have it hemmed I might even feature it again 😀



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