My phone was stolen out of my hand and all I got was this lousy tshirt

Remember last week when I said I was super good at blogging every Thursday?

Weeell, that didn’t last long. Although I’m blogging now, so I guess this still counts?

I was robbed last Saturday night. And tbh I didn’t get a tshirt. I got an anxiety attack.

My phone was stolen right out of my hand while texting by a guy on a bike (yes, this is how people are robbed in Copenhagen apparently) and this spiralled me into a fullblown anxiety attack. I don’t remember how I got home and whether it was coincidence or a manifestion of the anxiety I got sick and was in bed for 3 days.

Now you may think: wauw, it that all it takes? It’s just a phone, calm down.

But it’s not just a phone.

“That phone was my life” – slightly rewritten Fight Club quote.

My phone is my connection to the world I have chosen to participate in because I cannot participate in the real one. I may not always have the energy or time to reply to comments on Instagram but I read and appreciate every one. My phone is my tool of the trade as a blogger/Instagrammer. I don’t use a camera. I’d like to but I haven’t been able to afford one yet – having to buy a new phone just before I am out of a job again made that even more unrealistic than before.

But more than this it was a massive invasion of my world. It was the incredible unfairness of the action, that someone decided not to work, not to do something that mattered (and I don’t care if you work in a fast food joint or as a doctor, your job matters to someone, it makes our society work) by stealing what other people has worked hard for.

It was also the fear that they would have access to my information. My passwords. My pictures. But when you wipe your iPhone you also make it ready for a new user. So by protecting your data you do the very thing that makes phone theft an industry. Really, Apple? Why can’t I remote destroy the OS? Why do I have to accept that they succeed in their crime? I may have written an angry email asking them to put a small amount of explosives in the phones….I’m not saying they should lose a hand, just that I want the circuits to fry.

What’s my point? Well, other than I don’t have a regular blog post for you because I’m still waiting for a new sim-card to put in my new phone which I bought for money I don’t have, then I guess: Don’t buy cheap used phones. The last tracking told me that Bob III (he was my third iPhone) was in Barcelona less than 24 hours later. This is an organized industry and it’s hurts people. It’s not just losing a possession.

And also anxiety manifests in may ways and is triggered by many things – or nothing. And I recommend you read this list.

And I will hopefully be back with pictures of my collab with Emmy Design soon and my book club post next Thursday – it’s Frankenstein o.O



And also enjoy these pictures from old blog posts – click them if you want to read the post and see the links:



6 thoughts on “My phone was stolen out of my hand and all I got was this lousy tshirt

  1. That’s so awful! About a month ago, I had someone swipe my phone out of my hand and run off. Luckily, I shouted and ran after him and bystanders got involved and ran after him, which caused him to toss my phone away and I was able to get it back. I was really shaken up right after it happened and now when I’m out in public and I’m using my phone I get anxious and paranoid, so I get how you’re feeling. I’m really sorry you had to go through this.


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