You can’t pay rent with likes feat. Whimsical Fair

Okay, so I will just warn you that this will be a bit of a rant. Okay? Okay. The title is also kinda misleading (but not really – although it may only make sense in my head) but I wrote it for the draft and I thought this was going somewhere else 😉

Do you read the articles about how other peoples perfect online lives makes us miserable? I try not to but sometimes I still do and here is my question:

Why can’t we be happy for others? Why do we have to measure up against our friends and family and be mad that they dare to be happy about their lives?

“Urgh, they are just broadcasting their happiness and surplus of energy. Urgh, those bloggers that just get free stuff, why don’t I get free stuff?! Urgh, my cousin is fucking baking again, calm down and buy fucking wonder bread like the rest of us (nice American reference there, don’t ya think?)”

Retro comic art and fast food pillow cases c/o Whimsical Fair

I don’t get it. Or I do. If you are wondering how people have time to make those perfect lunch boxes or time to do this perfect makeup every day or something like that, or how a person with the same pay as you can afford a lot of dresses – yes, that may seem totally unfair. But I can assure you that it is mostly about priorities. Or different personalities. Maybe you are a lot more meticulous than they are, so a job well done for you takes longer than for them. Maybe they chose not to have kids and therefore can afford more than people with kids. Maybe the skinny girl actually does eat junk food every day and just doesn’t gain weight because her metabolism is super high. Maybe maybe maybe. The point is that you can’t measure yourself against others because we have different strenghts and values. We come from different places.

And I get it – I’m a mediocre blogger (no, it’s okay, you don’t have to contradict me, I don’t have a problem with it because it’s my choice to not spend more time on it) and I see these amazing bloggers work with so many amazing brands and even having dresses named after them – but I don’t get jealous. I don’t think “that should be me”. It shouldn’t! They worked so hard for that! An effort I didn’t make. They deserve it. I chose to be inspired instead. To do better. Or if not that to be happy for the people I know, even if only on the Internet, that do really well for themselves.

And you may then say: But why only put on the good stuff on social media? Well, why not? Why not be happy and proud of your life? You did that! Whether it’s baking a brilliant cake, making those awesome lunches for your kid or dressing nicely every day, you are allowed to feel good about that. You did that. There is no rule that you have to show the bad stuff in your life as well. And there is certainly no reason to think that the people with the perfect lives have perfect lives. But when you are in excess, when you have that surplus of energy that is also when you have the energy to post stuff on social media.

Dress – Bernie Dexter (similar. Sort of)

Shoes – Bait Footwear 

Cardigan – Fever London (similar. Ish)

We are all just ordinary people but we all have things to be thankful for or to be happy about. Achievements to be proud of. It may be your makeup, your kids, your job – it doesn’t matter what it is. If your’re proud of it, then it matters. And it should matter to the people in your life.

Never feel bad about what you decide to share with the world. It is your choice and you have nothing to do with other peoples misery.



Btw: How amazing is the Halloween themed section on Whimsical Fair?! I especially like the Raven, witches and cemetery.

12 thoughts on “You can’t pay rent with likes feat. Whimsical Fair

  1. VERY well said! I struggle sometimes with wishing I could get as cool of things as other people, whether it be with my own money or through blogging, but I’m still thankful for what I do have! We are on a really strict budget, but it means I get to stay home with my kids like I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m willing to sacrifice a “fun stuff” budget for that. Everyone works really hard for what they have, and they all deserve it!


    • I know! My budget is getting really small as well now that I’ll be unemployed again and my current rent is super high >.< so I rely on the few collabs I do from time to time and from now on I'll just have to remix my "old" clothes and thrift. But that'll be fun too 😀 The silverlining is lots of blogging time without a job. Not much of a silverlining but I'll take it 😉


  2. I absolutely love this. Social media can benefit us so much and also bring us down. It’s important not to let it bring us down but to see other peoples points of view as well. How life actually is vs. how it is perceived can be so different.

    Looking forward to reading more,
    xo Autumn


  3. It’s the thinking that you should have what someone else has that makes you miserable, but especially in the blogging world. I keep seeing people getting more and more competitive, especially on places like Instagram, and it can make them turn nasty (I speak from having experienced someone behave like this towards me/my blog). And I just think… what is the point? If you don’t enjoy posting and are just comparing yourself endlessly to everyone else and therefore getting no enjoyment out of it just don’t blooming bother because there’s so much other stuff you could spend your time that’ll make you happy. Seriously, life’s too short!


  4. As someone who reads loads of other blogs but doesn’t actually blog myself, I cannot tell you how much I agree with what you have written. I follow blogs because I want to – some of them are pretty basic blogs and with irregular postings, some of them are far more sophisticated technically and visually with postings almost every day, some are more fashion-oriented, some not. I don’t care – I follow because they all have something interesting to say or or to show that takes me away from my everyday professional life. Many of them have totally different priorities to me, but it’s that variety that I value and that I find inspiring, not any one blogger’s view of their perfections or imperfections Many are people that I could never have been or wanted to be, many are younger, some are older. I don’t mind when it’s only good stuff, but I am interested when it’s not – I want to hear what other people think I want to know about, but not every single detail of their lives. Oh, that was far longer than I meant it to be but I hope you get my drift. On other matters, what a gorgeous outfit – I love how all the colours work so well with your hair. And what a lovely setting! Kx


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