The Librarian Chronicles #6: The children’s librarian who changed her mind feat. Elana Carello

It’s been over a year since my last installment in my Librarian Chronicles (worst blogger!) and so much has happened since. I broke up with my then boyfriend (we’re on good terms – not friends because seriously who does that? but not mad at each other either, or well if he reads this I dunno actually), was homeless for a while, moved – aand I am no longer single.
I could lie and say it was a surprise but we have known each other for the better part of … 7 years, maybe. And I didn’t particularly like him at first to be honest. That however changed quite a lot over the years and we ended up being friends, best friends and well…to this. And contrary to every relationship I’ve ever had I have no doubts, no reservations about this. This is forever & always.

Anyways! News out of the way, let’s get to the point. I thought I wanted to be a children’s librarian for life, I really did. But lately I have had my doubts.


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Being a librarian isn’t just reading a lot of books and recommending them to kids (or adults for that matter). Unfortunately 😉 Wouldn’t that be cool? No, it’s a lot of un-book related stuff as well now – and the thing is, while I absolutely think libraries are free to offer these things, I’m not sure I want to be facilitating it for the rest of my life. I’m in it for the books y’all, for the reading experiences and the adventures in (other people’s) writing. I think it’s brilliant we also teach old people how to use iPads and have magicians (the boring fake ones) come by and teach the kids magic tricks and have plate painting events…but I cannot find much passion for these things. If the event had been painting book characters on plates then maybe, or had the magician been I dunno real… from Hogwarts…

Bright heart vest c/o Elana Carello (runs large)

Use code MISSINFORMATION for 20% off

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Like I said, I think it’s fine that libraries are branching out. A lot of the people who drop by for these events also borrow books but to me they are kinda cheap tricks to lure people inside. I think (very old fashioned I know) that we should rather focus on the books, the litterature and the experience of reading but I’m pretty much alone with this – or at least the bosses of various libraries are more concerned with how to “trick” people to come in here – and I get that! We (the libraries) are so needed, and we need the funding so we need to get people in here.

Some libraries are even making the librarians and the library assistants wear uniforms now – to make them easy to find? I guess. Sure, and to all look completely the same indicating that we all have the same knowledge. Which we do not. If you want to start reading nordic noir you will not get the excellent advice and introduction from me as you will from my nordic noir expert colleague. And he can defintely not recommend YA novels and children’s books as expertly as I can. And I can’t guide you and your kid as well in beginners books as my other colleague. We are not the same people – we have different expert areas. And can you picture me in a t-shirt every day? Take away my will to live, why don’t ya?

So now I have to decide what to do with my life and my career. I have one month starting tomorrow and then I’m out of a job again.

Wish me luck.



10 thoughts on “The Librarian Chronicles #6: The children’s librarian who changed her mind feat. Elana Carello

  1. First of all – WOOHOO to being happy with this special new fella (well, not really new but new to us!). I am so happy for you. It feels SO GOOD when it comes together and there are no doubts. It was clearly meant to be this way and it makes all the struggles from the year and before worth it.

    Second of all, tough stuff on the career predicament! I say broaden your horizons and start looking at what’s out there. You never know! People often ask me why I never photographed full time. Like you with books, I love photography, love weddings, love portraits, and love capturing people. I love love love it. But I do NOT want to do it as my job. It would ruin it for me. I think the idea of being a librarian is such that it sounds SO FUN, but you’re right. It’s changed a lot these days and is evolving. I bet you would love so many fields – maybe marketing? It can be fun! I am in event marketing but the field as a whole has so many niches and different sections!

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  2. I’m also a children’s librarian. I’ve been feeling the same as you for awhile now, but just didn’t want to admit it to myself. My favorite part of my current job is book talking 6 new YA books a month at the high school. My second favorite part is buying all the books! I’m also in charge of all the programming for birth – 18 year olds and that is just not my passion anymore.

    It’s comforting to hear I’m not the only one feeling this way.


  3. So happy and excited for you. It’s great to have that confidence in a relationship.
    As for the libraries, there are certainly not what they used to be and even though I understand everything evolves it doesn’t mean I like it.
    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great in anything you set your mind to


  4. Hi! I follow you on Instagram (@maxmontyharriet) but I’ve never commented. I’m a librarian too, from Singapore. Just to share with you, my first library job was in a public library, and I felt the exact same way as you! Truly I felt more like a PR/events manager than a “librarian”. I left that public library in less than a year and tried a career in marketing for 3 years before I decided I’ll give library career another go. This time I joined an academic library (university library) and the experience is much different. teaching research skills to students is a lot more satisfying than running events just to draw in crowds. Though I’m now in a different academic library, basically I’ve worked in academic libraries for past 7 years. I wish you all the best in your career! It’s always good to try different things and life is short 🙂 even if you decide to leave the library profession, you can always go back again next time. Good luck!!


    • Lovely to meet a fellow librarian! Hi! 🙂 I could definitely see myself returning in the future as well, and there still are some very cool jobs outthere working with mediating literature specifically but not many. I’m still hoping for one of those 😉


  5. So the library really has no idea what they’re doing getting people in the door so I just do what I feel like doing (a couponing class, stuff animal taxidermy, a pollack painting event) and see if anyone else wants to do it too. Right now I look like a genius with all these “creative ideas” but really I’m just spending other people’s money on things that I hope other people want to enjoy with me. For Halloween I’m buying a bunch of foreign candy to taste test. Who lets me do these things?


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