BBRBF Book Club #2- We are pirates

Aw, man this book. I wanted to like it so badly (Neil Gaiman does! Why don’t I???!) but there was just something – and I can’t quite put my finger on it – that made me completely not interested in the story. It’s well written and funny, quite clever, the language is intriguing and the characters should be interesting. But they are just not – not to me I mean. They could easily be to you and if this is your favorite book I’m definitely not judging. I really get it. It has all the parts for an amazing book – but for me the parts never work together.

 Boots and shirt – old from Modcloth

Skirt – old from New Look

Did I finish it? Yeah, I’m not a savage 😉 I don’t abandon books, like a captain doesn’t abandon his ship (except they totally do, why the hell wouldn’t they?) but it took me so long compared to how short the book is (less than 300 pages). I didn’t read much about before hand and I was kinda hoping for an old fashioned pirate story. It’s not. It’s very modern. It’s about an estranged family. And yes pirates but in our time. Which happens to be a lot less romantic than ‘quiver me timbers, Captain Sparrow’. 

And you know I’m still glad I read it. It wasn’t something I would have read otherwise and I’m sure I got something from it. I believe no book leaves us untouched. And that’s really the thing about books, you know. We read with our minds but also with our stomach – and I don’t just say that because I’m hungry – but it’s a gut feeling sometimes. And it may go the other way as well. You may like a book but know quite why. Most of us aren’t professors of literature and while I have always loved reading I don’t like analyzing what I read. I like feeling it and sensing it – not discussing it and butchering it.

Or well, actually in this case I did because why didn’t I like this stupid book?! and I wrote in our BBRBF facebook group and thank heavens my fellow well dressed bookclub ladies were pretty much as confused as me. Now I don’t know their full thoughts on the book but I am very curious to find out. You can find the links to their blogs in the bottom of the post.

And I hope you got the pirate feel from my outfit. Arrh. That I had planned from the beginning. 



The other BBRBFs:

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Kristina from The Eyre Effect

Lyndsey from Dressed in Mascara

Noelle from The Classy Junk

Helene from Circle skirts and petticoats

6 thoughts on “BBRBF Book Club #2- We are pirates

  1. You look PERFECT as a pirate! I really wanted to do something pirate-y too, but it stumped me. I especially adore your tall boots!

    And you hit the nail on the head — the parts of the book should all have been so great, but they never really worked together! At least we know that next month’s book is a classic!

    Kristina |

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so weird we all felt that way. I was terrified I was the only one so it would come across as I was just mopey because I didn’t vote for the book in the first place >.< I was so relieved when the rest were like: Yeah, not I like this! Hahah!


  2. I love that you don’t abandon books – I am the same way! I have only stopped reading maybe a handful of books due to them being so bad but usually I try to stick it out and read them to their ends. Especially if I spent money on it. I feel like it’s what the book deserves. Applause to all of us for getting through it – I love that we have such different outfits too! You’re an adorable pirate! Arrgh!


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