The evil in our stories feat. Jublyumph

This is my problem with the evil step-things in the stories. The father or mother who takes the new spouse is often described as a very loving parent.

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Yet they let these strangers do terrible things to their kids. But then evil does not always show its true face until it’s too late, does it? This is my story about the evil in our everyday lives.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved both her parents. They had been apart for as long as she could remember and to her them being together was a thing unheard of. She rather preferred them apart.

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Occasionally there would be a new man or woman in either life and though the little girl didn’t like strangers much it was okay. They were nice after all and some would try to buy her acceptance with presents – those were the best intruders – and the little girl in spite of being little always knew it wouldn’t last. Sooner or later the strangers would leave or be asked to leave and things would go back to normal.

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One day the girls mother took her to a hut in the woods. The man who lived there was nice. He had a lot of comic books and books and the girl was never bored when they were there. She never really noticed what the man and her mother were talking about. She would run out in the woods or read books on the floor.

One day they stopped going to the hut and instead the man moved into the old old farm house where the girl lived with her mother and her sister.

She even got a stepsister just about her own age and they became best friends. It was nothing like the Fairytales where the stepfamily is cruel and jealous. At least not at first.

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But the man turned out to be not a man at all. He was a troll – a wicked ugly troll who chased the girls father and her older sister away. He was just as cruel, unforgiving and jealous as in the fairytales the girl loved so much and the girl became afraid to be in the house. The troll had a temper and the girl never knew if he would be in a good mood – or a bad.

By this time the little girl had become a slightly less little girl and she had become a big sister. But the trolls own children got special treatment.

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It was quite clear to the girl and even the trolls own older daughter that they were no longer wanted. The troll would cruelly call the girl devil spawn and make sure the girl’s mother was to busy making ends meet to notice the girl’s growing distress.

The two slightly less little girls ran off into the woods and played as they used to and the stories they made up became grander and even more enchanting and beautiful to ward off the dark shadows that haunted them. Their make believe kingdoms were full of joy and no one went to bed hungry or sad. It was nothing like life at home.

But the magical kingdoms they build in the woods and valleys around the house could never really replace their home and being away so much had other costs.

Too late the girl realized that the special attention and love bestowed upon her little siblings was just to cover up for the trolls special cruelties and terror towards them. What, you may wonder, did he do to them but that is not my story to tell and I must ask your forgiveness for leaving you in the dark, dear reader but we will have to stick to the story of the slightly less little girl.

Though the girl wasn’t too fond of her siblings, the troll had made sure of that, she was still their sister and she did love them even if it was clouded by jealousy and her hatred of the troll. And she was powerless to protect them as a big sister should.

Had the troll only hurt the girl she would have forgiven him in time. But the troll did worse. He taught her that she was powerless to protect her family. That to escape evil she could only run. And little girls cannot run away. The known terrors are much to prefer over the unknown terrors of the world.

I want to tell you that the girl slayed the troll in the end. That she avenged the terrible things he did to the people she loved. But I cannot tell you that story. Because the girl learned that you don’t always win. That injustice will more often than not go unpunished. That she and her siblings would spend their lives trying to come back from the things the troll did to them. They would be mending their relationship for years to come because he tore them apart.


The girl would for a long time to come shroud herself in darkness – hurt people before they could hurt her. She was haunted by the knowledge that she had spent years being jealous and hating her siblings when she should have gotten to know them, helped them and protected them and she came to the decision that she didn’t deserve to live. The world would be a better place without her. But even here her courage failed her and the knives she used would break the skin but not give her the peace she longed for – and instead she found comfort in the pain and the scars. That would be her punishment and for years she made it a ritual to make sure she never forgot, that she would never forget what she did.

But in time, slowly, so slowly she barely noticed it, the clouds in her mind began to break up…and that maybe – just maybe it wasn’t her fault. After all…she was only a little girl.




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