BBRBF Book Club #1 – Fangirl

Hi everybody!

You don’t have to tell me…I know that I am a terrible blogger – although truth be told…I’m a pretty decent book blogger buut it’s in Danish so most of you can’t read it. Which is a shame really because it’s fucking genius… So I figured if I commit to something – like a book club – at least I’d have to post once a month. So I did!

I hope you’ll read along 🙂

What does BBRBF stand for? Honestly, I’ve forgotten… JK 😉 It’s Best Book Reading Blogger Friend Book Club (easy right? 😉 Se why here) and it was started by Sara Lily from In a nutshell and Kristina from The Eyre Effect – and besides them the club consists of Helene of Circle Skirts and Petticoats, Noelle of The Classy Junk, and Lyndsey of Dressed in Mascara -and me!

This month we have read Fangirl! Yay! It’s a reread for me but that’s totally fine. I wanted to read it again anyway.

Aand not so surprise if you saw my IG-post a while back but it’s a video! A long one. With bad audio, but I did buy a mic afterwards, so that won’t happen again. And I’ll work on the quality. And I’ll stop apologizing now. God, I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Edit: And I just realized that for some reason WordPress doesn’t show the annotations – the little speach bubbles with afterthoughts and clarifications, so if you want that you have to go watch it on YouTube  >.<


Don’t forget to read Sara, Kristina, Lyndsey, Noelle and Helenes thoughts on the book as well 🙂

And if you want to read along again (or for the first time) the book for september is Daniel Handlers We are pirates. (That’s Lemony Snicket btw).

Dress – Emmy Design (from Modcloth)

Shoes – Modcloth – similar

If you want to be Book bbfs you can totally add me on Goodreads – although I must warn you that some books I add will be in Danish. I much prefer reading English books in English but I will also read translations and books by Danish authors.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this because it will be a monthly thing and knowing me it may well be the only thing I post some months haha 😉 I will strive to post twice a month though. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.




As a bonus I am currently featured on Eclectic Eccentricy’s blog! Go read a little more about me here 🙂 (Although, I don’t actually live in the UK, I think there was some misunderstanding 🙂 )

8 thoughts on “BBRBF Book Club #1 – Fangirl

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  2. I LOVE the video idea – it was so cute to see you and hear you! You’re right, it’s SO weird as bloggers to imagine what we’re like live in person and only see images and read words. I loved hearing your voice and seeing you laugh and smile! You’re too adorable. Also, you have so many different covers!!! I laughed when I saw this and thought “of COURSE Kathrine has multiple!” Love it! xoxo


  3. Hahah yes, I couldn’t help myself. I just adore this story so much. It’s weird what takes our fancy isn’t it. But that’s one of the things I love about books. There’s litterally something for everyone 🙂 I can’t wait to read yours and the rest of the ladies’ posts! I kinda gathered that not everyone was as taken as me heheh 😉



  4. It’s so funny because I’m hoping to do a video along with my review of the next BBRBF book club book; I was hoping to do it this time, but didn’t get the time to do it! Great minds! I wish I could watch yours right now, but my kids are asleep and I can’t turn it up loud enough to hear. I love the dress you chose to go with your cover, though!

    Kristina |


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