Garden partying feat. Dressific

Okay, so I’m not in a garden nor am I actually partying but I should be, don’t you think?


Shoes – Modcloth

Hair flower – H&M

This dress has travelled more than I have btw. It went all the way from Australia to Denmark – and back again because the postman couldn’t find my mailbox. Honestly you can’t make these things up. I think everyone who shops online will have horror stories to share about how incompetent the mail service can be. Personally I have experienced that the Danish postal service

1) Left $150 worth of study books on my door step. While I was living in a dorm with over 500 people who had access to my floor.

2) Still living in the dorm: Delievered my brand new iPhone 4 (my first) to a person they met on my floor. Luckily the person did pass it on to me later.

3) Left $250 worth of books for giveaways on my Danish book blog on my doorstep. Uncovered on a rainy day and free to steal for anyone passing by.

And several more absolutely ridiculous stories. Still, it beats going shopping irl, right?

Actually it’s not so much that I don’t want to go in a store (I don’t, but that’s not the main reason), it’s that I just can’t buy the things I want in Danish brick and mortar shops. And if I can it’s really expensive because they have to make a living too. I prefer to cut out the middle man and shop directly from the source.
Anyway 🙂 This dress is super elegant and even though the price is very reasonable the quality is really good. I think I will have it hemmed when I get a chance.

Though I feel very elegant in this length I will definitely get more wear out of it if it’s shorter. It would so cute and be much more ‘everyday’ appropriate if it hit my knees – now, if I could just find a garden party first…or possibly a tea party. That could work too 🙂



7 thoughts on “Garden partying feat. Dressific

  1. Hello, Lovely! This dress matches PERFECTLY with the blue ‘do! Love it!! Oh the postal service!! I have such issues with them, too! They’ve gotten lazy and refuse to separate our mail with our neighbor upstairs (there are 2 units in our house to live in and 2 mailboxes respectively) and just stuff it all into my box bc it’s bigger. I left them a note and they have gotten better but whenever the other tenant gets a package too big for her box, they just put it into ours instead of getting out of their car and putting it at her door. STOP BEING SO LAZY AND DO YOUR JOB! They leave it for me and then I have to go to her door and deliver it. Ugh! It’s so annoying.


  2. Hi Kat, you look so cute! Thanks for featuring us on your blog, we really appreciate it. Sorry to hear that the dress is a bit too long for you, hope you’ll be able to hem it to a length that you’re more comfortable with. All the best!! ❤️❤️

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