Through time and space feat. Aspire Style

Sometimes you just get a feeling about a dress – this could be super pretty fairy-esque. Or it could be a super cool time traveling dress. I chose the latter πŸ™‚

Dress β„… Aspire Style

Necklace – Sugar & Vice

Shoes – old Bait Footwear from Modcloth

I should warn you that this dress (perhaps Chi Chi in general? This is my only dress from them) runs big (and long. I have cut off maybe 20 cm). This is an 8 but when I tried it on it was more like a 10. But I like to live dangerously and after a wash on 40 and a light tumble it was much better. And not ruined *phew*.

I am going to a wedding this Saturday and contemplating wearing this dress – perhaps a little less time lordy though. With my blue hair I’m sure I’ll stand out enough. I love the soft color and that it had sleeves. I would have added a bigger petticoat but the underskirt wasn’t roomy enough.

Hope you all enjoy your summers πŸ’™



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