I have never hated or regretted posting a picture. Before now. 

I don’t know who shared it first without credits but fuck you. So much. It’s not about the damn picture. But I have never felt so powerless before.

At first I was just annoyed and asked the first page to credit. They did but wrongly (# instead of @) but I thought: eh what the hell. They listened to me. That was the most important thing for me. 

Then I was alerted again. And again. They didn’t even respond. Facebook didn’t respond either. I could report it but the picture wasn’t taken down. I sent proof to Facebook. They still haven’t even opened my message. Yeah, Facebook, you made that feature yourself, asshat. So now I know you’re lying when it says you respond within a day. 

Some listened and credited eventually but the users were…less nice.

And no. I will not block out names. The comments are public for all to see. You see, I don’t mind crediting people’s intellectual property. 

People have been defensive about sharing it: “but I didn’t know who to credit so I didn’t”. Perhaps you shouldn’t have shared it then?

People have blamed me like in the comments above: “why didn’t you just watermark?” Well because I didn’t assume people would be such assholes.

And well people have told me to shut up. Thanks, Kev. You’re a gem.

But a lot have been really nice. You have tagged me in the posts so I could deal with it, you have stood up for me, you have ranted with me. Thank you. So much. It means the world to me to feel less alone with this stupid situation.

What I hate the most is that I don’t feel safe in the Internet anymore. I know one should always act with caution but I never posted anything I didn’t feel comfortable with so I couldn’t see how the Internet could hurt me. 

Well, lesson learned.


Currently pretty defeated Kat

17 thoughts on “#dressgate

  1. This is a bummer! I guess it’s important to remind yourself that yes, whatever you put on the Internet is now available and free to anyone who can press a button or screenshot their phone. Someone once said that once you upload an image to the internet, you’re giving the world permission because you’re releasing it out there to the masses. AHHH!! It’s a scary thought but it’s the sad truth. I hate that it’s just “ok” for some people. I hope this doesn’t stop you from posting and sharing your world with us – I’d hate to see you go!! =)

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  2. I hope a great big stack of books falls on Kev and knocks some sense into the condescending, belligerent asshole’s head. “Little girl” indeed. He’s probably mad at his mother (who he probably lives with).
    Love your Instagram posts. Please don’t stop.


  3. What a bag of dicks!!! If someone tells me who to credit a picture I’ve shared to, I see no reason to do it. It’s their property and if I like a picture then I obviously want that person to get credit so they can continue to make more pictures! Some people are just assholes.

    Also, fuck those watermark comments. I don’t have to write my name on my house in giant letters so people know not to steal from it smh.


  4. I shared the image with an author that I happened to take a writing class with in college and then, after sharing, happened to see in the comments that there was an issue about the photo not being properly credited. I then commented a link to this blog on my share to give proper credit. I hope that is ok! Love the dress!!


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