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First of all. No. Of course not 😉 I waaaant moooore. But actually wanting to write this caption to an IG photo made me think. How many times have you come across posts on the internet or someone saying, urgh Ariel was a silly little girl and she decided to change her entire appearence for a man!

Wrong! Erik was just the last straw. Remember the song I just quoted. She wanted to escape the patriarchy that was her world all her life! Think about it. She’s is kept pretty much in isolation, she is only presented to society as a lovely voice (which is also the one thing she gives up to escape). And a slight detour speaking of isolation because it is impossible to hear that word now and not put “a kingdom of” in front of it, but do you really think Elsa would have been confined to her room because she couldn’t control her power and be told to conseal, don’t feel, don’t let them know, if she was a boy? Hell no. 

When Ariel sees Erik, yes, she falls in love, but she also sees him as a way to escape and be treated with respect.

“Up where they walk, up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin’ free – wish I could be
Part of that world”

Key word: Free

“Bet’cha on land they understand
they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women sick of swimmin’
Ready to stand

And ready to know what the people know
Ask ’em my questions and get some answers
What’s a fire and why does it – what’s the word?

When man discovered fire, he created the first society – when Prometheus stole fire from the Gods he was captured and tortured for eternity because fire is so important for human life.

Ariel wants the secrets of life, she wants to learn, be included in society. Ariel is a fucking rolemodel.

Also consider this: Even though Ariel is mute and is having a hard time making herself understood the prince likes her and is falling in love with her – it is the voice that enchants him, the voice that according to her father was her best feature – so her intelligence, humour and general personality is overshadowed by what the patriarchy valued the most. Poor Erik doesn’t stand a chance – he gets brainwashed just as the rest of us.

As a sidenote, the original story whilst different has the same essence that love is actually secondary to the real desire. In this the mermaid wants a soul. Sea people don’t have a soul and therefore can’t go to heaven and the mermaid wants that more than anything. She is granted legs but every step cuts like a sword and if the prince does not fall in love with her she must kill him or turn to seafoam and lose her only chance of a soul. When the prince falls in love with someone else and marries her, the mermaid throws herself into the sea rather than kill the prince and ruin his young brides life for her own selfish desire and the angels decend to grant her a halflife where she is to spend a number of years doing good deeds and then she will get her soul.