Cute and Cuddly (or comfy and lazy) feat. Ex Libris Novum and Jubly-Umph

Have these earrings had quite the journey?! (Yes. Yes they have, they have been around the world twice. But now they’re here!)

David makes jewelry out of discarded comic books from libraries, hvor cool is that? You can buy his stuff on Etsy but he was sweet enough to send me two pairs to try out.


I decided to style them for a non-work Saturday/Sunday. Saturday being a staying in, maybe having a glass of wine, some pizza, reading or watching Netflix kinda day and Sunday having brunch with my mum and sisters (and meeting mums new bf – oh joy). Yes, I know, I lead a fascinating life and you’re all jealous 😉


So my comfy outfits are to put it simply: comfy. Wrinkle free, because I will lie down or end up in a weird reading position but with the option to go outside (which as it happens happened. I hadn’t done the math that if my mum was here Sunday morning she would obviously arrive Saturday – doh. So meeting up with her and oldest sister tonight). Also the top is a crop top. HILARIOUS to play those kinds of pranks on hobbits. It’s just a top for me, thank you very much 😛


Earrings c/o Ex Libris Novum

Skirt, tights and shirt from H&M

Talk is Cheap brooch c/o Jubly-Umph

Shoes from Modcloth (similar)

FullSizeRender IMG_1435 IMG_1434 IMG_1433 IMG_1431


Brunch – with the family. Something comfy – again – something that’s cute (because it should suit me hah hah) but hides the copious amounts of bacon and pancakes I plan to eat – with syrup. Together. Shut up it’s not gross. I know it’s a cliche but the reason I’m not a vegetarian is bacon.

As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of tights that pretend to be stockings. I have a girdle but man I hate all those straps. Again comfy. I do like comfy.


Earrings c/o Ex Libris Novum

Dress from Modcloth (similar here and here)

Tights from H&M

Shoes T.U.K. from Modcloth (similar here, here and here – cat shoes galore on that site!)

Readers gotta Read brooch c/o Jubly-Umph

IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428

 And I think the That Old Time Feeling collection from Jubly-Umph is my favorite thing ever. Once I actually have money to spend again I’m going to get the fox, globe and record player brooches as well I think.

The devil may be in the detail but so is awesomeness. I think that little details like comic book earrings and brooches can really make an outfit go from ok til awesome. Even though I realize that very few people can read what the earrings actually says it still adds to the style. I once stated that ‘I wear my nerd on my sleeve’ and I really do. But I’m just the standard nerd – you know the one who likes to be indoors and read books. And it’s not that you should be embaressed if you don’t like comic books, video games, books or something like that. Nerdiness isn’t about what you like. It that you like something. So if you are really into vintage dresses, cars, dogs, make up or shoes, know a lot about it, watch Youtube videos, follow IG accounts and so on – I’m afraid you’re a nerd too. It’s really about loving something. Loving it, maybe obsessing a little bit about it. Being a nerd is not a bad thing. It’s a really good thing. Reading books or playing video games doesn’t make you clever. Caring about something makes you clever. Studying it, training to be good at it. That makes you clever. And a nerd. Embrace it 😉 I do.



5 thoughts on “Cute and Cuddly (or comfy and lazy) feat. Ex Libris Novum and Jubly-Umph

  1. Those earrings are cute. I love the outfits you teamed them with too.
    It’s fun to be geeky about something! You/one can have secret giggles if no one else gets the reference!
    You are the queen of that type of tights! I totally agree about a piece of jewellery making something ok much more interesting.
    Speaking of which, come and have a look at my latest blog post and look at my necklace in the last shot and let me know if you get the reference at all!??!??!



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