Fantastic Miss Fox feat. Dolly & Dotty

If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be.

My favorite Wes Anderson movie and close to favorite movie of all times is Fantastic Mr. Fox. Obviously it’s origin was a Roald Dahl story but it is nothing like the book – and for once I don’t mind. But therefore when I was contacted by Dolly and Dotty and asked if I wanted to try out a dress this was what caught my eye. It’s not really anything like Mrs. Fox’ actual dress but it still really reminded me of it.


Dress c/o Dolly and Dotty

Shoes Modcloth

Brooch Deerarrow

Pearls and ears – old

That being said it wasn’t that easy to choose. For one I wanted this dress in every color. And the Anna. And how cute is Vanessa?

In quality, price and even size Dolly and Dotty seems very similar to Lindy Bop. Cute and versatile vintagestyle dresses at an affordable price. The waist on this one sits a little high and I’m not wearing a petticoat underneath. I’m not sure how that would look as the only white/light petticoat I own is very fluffy and there is not enough fabric to support that, but I like it without too. I think the green one is pictured with a petticoat though and that looks nice. I do need a shorter, less fluffy petticoat anyway, so I think I’ll look for one.

And how fitting is it that my hair is fox colored btw? 😉



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