Home sweet Fish Tank (Pulling your life up by the roots #2)

As you probably know I moved recently. I share a flat with a Ph.D student studying dark matter and a business analyst. We’re all late 20s early 30s (honestly I’m not sure, I never asked, but I’m guessing) and they have the first floor (although I use the shower up there), I have the ground floor or as I call it (The Fish tank/Nerd Cave) and we share a kitchen between the floors. It’s kinda hard to describe the layout because it’s really weird.

When I first saw my room I was ready to scream, cry and get the hell out. But I’d made a commitment plus I was homeless. The thing is…I’m not a positive person. I always expect the worst and I’m not a happy go lucky “hey let’s make this work” kinda gal. But after the initial rather panicky Eeyore-like behavior I really did have to make it work. And I’m only slightly embarressed to say, that I kinda love it now.


Half my room is a bed. Or two twin beds actually. But I got them for free so who am I to complain? This is where I sleep, read, watch movies and yes, eat. I’ll eat in bed. Shut up I’m an adult, I can do what I want.


My glass wall (hence the Fish Tank) and my stunning view *cough*. This will be another building though and get this, I will have a canal right outside my balcony. Looking forward to that. Not so much the digging of the canal though…I may have to relocate for a month or so due to the noise.

I’m not quite done yet. I still need curtains and a chair. I’m thinking this one and this. In time anyway. I can’t afford it now (books to buy, you know). So for now I live in my bed and read and watch movies on my computer. I can’t fit a TV in here but it’s okay. I’ll live.


DVD library, non fiction litterature, David Attenborough and Doctor Who DVDs. And a movie poster for my favorite trilogy ❤


The bedside table is temporary. It’s going next to the chair that I don’t have yet. And the tiny book shelf will soon enough be filled with books 🙂 For now it’s just a nerd display.

For once in my life I have decided on everything in my flat. Usually I have moved into places that already had some furniture (dorm, my sisters flat and after that her fathers old studio), or moved in with someone (twice). This is the first time I’m just me and could get whatever I wanted (or could afford 😉 ) I always swore I’d never have white furniture, but hey it looks so good on IG 😉

I have sworn a lot of things over the years and I’m rarely right anyway. Luckily, given my Eeyore-tendencies 🙂



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