Little Black Dresses and bookshelves feat. Unique Vintage #Iamunique

This is my first fashion blogpost in a while and honestly I’ve forgotten how to so instead I’ll let you enjoy all the pretty pictures (because yes, I am adorable in this Unique Vintage dress) and I’ll tell you a little story from my Sunday about how stubbern and stupid I can be 🙂

IMG_9029 IMG_9019 IMG_9020 IMG_9023

I got a bed for free because a friend needed a new one but it didn’t have any legs so I had to buy those separately (a small price to pay for a free bed). I bought them online and had them delievered to a collect-point as I’m also at work when the delievery guys are working (a pet peeve of mine but that’s for another day). I wasn’t in a great mood to begin with. The first snow had fallen the night before and by noon Sunday it was half melted, icy cold and gross. In Copenhagen it’s too warm and too much traffic for pretty Frozen-landscapes. I was cold and I had to go by two different busses to the collect-store.

Once I had the legs I missed my second bus by minutes. I would have to wait 17 minutes for the next. As I stood there, on the verge of crying out of anger and general misery from being cold (also my phone had stopped working because apparently iPhones don’t like the cold anymore than I do) and cursing under my breath, wondering HOW I can be this badly suited for cold weather given that I’m half Ukranian and half Scandinavian. I should ace this!

A taxi driver who had parked across the street asked me if I was waiting for a taxi and because I’m a very likable person *coughs* I rolled my eyes and asked him WHY on Earth I would be waiting for a taxi at a busstop? “Do I look like an idiot?”, I asked with mascara running down my cheeks, looking thoroughly like an idiot. He mumbled something and walked on… And I scowl at his back. How dared he even talk to me when I was this miserable? And this when I realize the busstop is 30 m to my right. I look up and look and behold. I am in fact waiting at the taxi stop. I can feel blood rise to my cheeks (which I have to admit isn’t a bad feeling given my face is numb from being hit by sleet) and my very sane reaction, to avoid having this stranger see me realizing I was actually wrong and rude for no reason at all, is to pick up my boxes. And walk home.

The walk home took about 20 minutes I think – it felt like 2 hours and I coudn’t feel much of my body by the time I . There isn’t a lot of houses on the way, mostly office buildings and petrol stations and I had long angry conversations with myself and the general world all the way home. Shouting at the weather is a pastime I very much enjoy and it’s kinda hard in the city…to many people to overhear you. When I was a kid I lived in the country. Only the cows and deer could hear me then. I’m sure they also found me annoying.

IMG_9030 IMG_9032

Dress: C/O Unique Vintage

Shoes: New Look

Tights: Similar

Pearls: Old – gift

Hairband: I have no idea. eBay maybe?

IMG_9033 IMG_9037

Did I have a point? Not really. Except my eternal point: We are flawed. We make mistakes, embarress ourselves and the people we are with. We are not always the nice, polite people we usually show people. I generelly don’t suffer fools easily. And sometimes I admit it is difficult having a job with so much interaction with people asking you stuff when you in fact do believe there is such a thing as a stupid question. This is why I prefer children. When they don’t know something they have an excuse. Grown ups don’t.

IMG_9043 IMG_9018



6 thoughts on “Little Black Dresses and bookshelves feat. Unique Vintage #Iamunique

  1. Oh dear! I have done things like that AND snapped at people! It’s hard isn’t it! Nothing worse than feeling cold and being let down by public transport for bringing out one’s inner dragon!x


  2. Eek! I’ve just spotted “The Rook” by Daniel O’Malley on your bookshelves! I love that book: it’s so delightfully unique. I’m desperately waiting for the next one (and hoping it will become a series!) Have you read any of Jasper Fforde’s works? I love the Thursday Next series and “Shades of Grey” (NOT Fifty Shades…)


  3. See, I wish I could be rude to people, not people in general but those idiots who feel they can shout things at you on a train or sit next to me talking nonsense wherever I am but no, I am always polite, well unless it’s rude then I can be mean but it takes a lot to push me. Maybe its the Brit thing about not wanting to upset anyone…who knows.
    On the other hand I also shout at the weather a lot, in public, the sun gets a scowl when it’s too bright and the clouds are always being told to “not ******* rain on me” 🙂 it helps.


    • Hahah! Brits definitely have the passive aggressiveness down. You may not say anything when someone skips in a line but you will tut and sign 😉 No, actually I find Brits lovely people. Very good at queing! It’s nice actually 🙂


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