Dead cats and hangovers – feat. Jublyumph

A while back Jubly-Umph sent me quite a goodie bag. Unfortunately the timing turned out to be rotten on my part as I became single and couldn’t wrap my head around doing a blog post. I have actually been wearing the pieces a lot and especially the anatomical heart pendant has become a favourite of mine.


But I wanted to show of some of the other pieces and today I went a little catty 🙂

2 4

Muerte Kitty brooch and Day of the Dead Cat studs c/o Jublyumph

Jenny dress (hemmed): Pinup Girl Clothing (discontinued colourway)

Cardigan: New Look (sold out – similar)

Shoes: Modcloth (size half a size up. One is too much – I found out >.< )

Tights: H&M – old

Belt: From another dress

12 13 16 17

The whole dead cat theme was really quite fitting as I was slightly hungover from a night out with generous amounts of wine and cocktails Saturday 😉 And I am once again in a hair crisis! I really (like REALLY) want orange hair but urgh the up keep! I’m probably going to do it though. Multipas!


Hope y’all had a good weekend!



8 thoughts on “Dead cats and hangovers – feat. Jublyumph

  1. I like your teacup collar clips best of all but the kitties are cute too! Sorry you’ve had a rotten time of it. Are things sorted yet in terms of accommodation?
    Secondly,what did you think of Doctor Who? I LOVED the inclusion of that clip from Genesis of the daleks- SO clever!!!
    Thirdly, come and link up to TARDIS Tuesday on er- Tuesday, that cardie looks TARDIS blue (and anything else) and you HAVE to come and see what I found this weekend for my post!!! That’s an order! 😉


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