Where did I go?

As I’m sure you’ve found out by now I recently became single. I asked not to be asked about this but this wasn’t precisely because I didn’t want to talk about it. But since Exboyfriend isn’t in my life anymore I want to respect his privacy. He’s no longer mine to share.

But I will say this: the break up was civil, it was primarily my choice but in the end we agreed it was for the best, we are not mad at each other but things are pretty awkward. That’s why I’m pretty much homeless. Sleeping in the same bed or even on the sofa and seeing each other every day day just doesn’t work when you’re not a couple anymore. It’s his flat so obviously I’m the one who needs to leave. And I’m working on that but for now I’m staying in friend’s empty flats when they have plans, going “home” to pack some different clothes and do some washing when ExBF isn’t home.

It’s difficult with the cats. I miss them but for now I have nothing to offer them. And knowing cats they couldn’t care less 😉 Oh well. They’ll be fine staying if I can’t take them but I would hate to leave them for good.

So forgive me my absence on here. I will probably be back 😉 Probably.

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❤ necklace from Jublyumph



12 thoughts on “Where did I go?

  1. Oh Hun I know this pain all too well. If you were in Australia I would gladly give up my makeup/wardrobe room so you could have it! You are amazing and I hope something’s works out for you very very soon!


  2. Hang in there, Kat! Been there, done that. This is the hardest part – the actual moving out and moving on part. Once you have things sorted, you’ll be back to your awesome self in no time. You CAN DO IT. You are stronger than you know!!! 😉


  3. I’m sure this is an important step in your life and the begining of a wonderful chapter darling. Love so much your energy! I’ve Just finished a little surprise for you and gonna share it tomorrow! Lots of Love from Lisbon ❤


  4. Well then, new adventures it is!!!! Where will Kat be next?! In a tree house…in a club house…definitely not an out house…in a flat with new cats ??! So many adventures so many possibilities. ?

    I’m happy for ur new life! Thank you for all the joy you have brought us all…NOW ON TO NEW ADVENTURES!!!!! ?


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