The birds and the…flowers feat. Mikarose

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It’s always nice to be surprised and I was with this dress! Mikarose asked me to pick out a few and they would choose one they would send me. Fun! Basically it’s a month for trying new things apparently! New brands, new blog, new silouettes.

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So I may have opened this package before I even left the post office and when I spotted the birds I jumped for joy a little bit. Can you believe it, I don’t have a bird print dress? I realized that when I went to see Jurassic World (best movie ever!). I don’t have a dinosaur dress and not even a bird dress (because dinosaurs were large birds. Basically).


The next surprise was: pockets! I did not notice that! And I’m a sucker for pockets. I need pockets. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.


Lara dress c/o Mikarose

Shoes: Modcloth (runs small in case you want to buy them)

Tights: What Katie Did

Belt from another dress

The other dresses I had on my “wish list” were this and this.



I worked this Saturday but the library is only open until 2 pm so there’s still time for play. We decided to go to the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen with a bottle of wine and to Cph Street Food after. If you’re ever in Copenhagen you should visit both these places. The Botanical Gardens are free and Copenhagen Street Food offers everything from Korean to South American dishes and all we tried was amazing! It’s a bit expensive but no more than eating at a restaurant. It’s not something we can afford every day though. Unfortunately 😉

This is btw boyfriends favorite dress I think. When I say I don’t dress for anyone but myself I speak the truth. Boyfriend prefers when I wear more well ‘grown up’ clothes. And while I would never change myself or my style for a boy of course I want him to find me attractive. So it’s nice to have something I know he really likes 🙂 (I also wore it to work all day and it is possibly also the most comfortable dress I own)


I hope you had a enjoyable weekend 🙂 And don’t forget to enter my give away on Instagram! It’s my first and I want it to be a success hahah 😀



4 thoughts on “The birds and the…flowers feat. Mikarose

  1. This is super cute! I like the yellow shoes with it! I know how you feel about dressing for yourself and not your man. My boyfriend isn’t into vintage/retro style himself but often tells me I look pretty or if there IS a dress/outfit he really likes, he will say so. I like when he does! I like knowing what his favorites are.


  2. Ah, wish I was on Instagram, I’d love to enter, but I don’t have an iPhone or a phone which is able to do proper stuffl like that- my camera is awful!x
    Your outfit is super pretty xx


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