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Sunday BBQ – feat. Karina dresses

We had a very busy weekend last week. We spent Saturday sightseeing in Elsinore and Sunday we had invited friends over for a bbq. Being an adult means having no time for socializing apparently and suddenly I realized I hadn’t seen them forever. And what’s a better occasion to see friends than setting something on fire and drinking cocktails.

And I had this lovely American made Karina dress to wear.

vintage style, karina dresses, gala wrap dress, gala wrap, vintage,

Nothing screams Betty Draper like a bbq, eh? Or well, I’m not much of a house wife actually (but then neither was she…). I used to really love to cook, but then full time work happened. If I could eat take away every day I would be happy. In boxes so there was no dishes preferably.


vintage style, karina dresses, vintage, gala wrap,Gala wrap dress c/o Karina Dresses

This isn’t exactly my usual style, I know, but you should never be too set in your ways. I like the opportunity to try new things. And the fabric is amazing! I’m a sucker for microfiber. Especially in a wrap dress. It klings in all the right places 😉


Now of course it’s impossible for me to have an outdoor party without rain, so naturally it started raining. We were (most of us anyway) snug under a few garden parasols. Well. We had to sacrifice a few glasses and napkins to catch the worst of the dripping from the parasols but living in Denmark you get used to this. Well, living in Denmark and never being prepared anyway.

I hope you’re enjoying your week! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Sunday BBQ – feat. Karina dresses

    • I must have owned some in the past but this is the first in recent times. I imagine it’ll be great on hot days when one layer is all you can take but still want to be covered up. And yes, the waist is amazing! Especially when you like me have a waist that doesn’t quite sit where it does in most dresses. And thank you for tagging along 🙂 ❤


  1. Wow! New website, new look to try out – I am loving all the new! You’re right, so the dress isn’t your typical look but you know what? You look amazing. So there!!! It’s great to change things up a bit and I think the pattern suits your style just fine!!


  2. Why hello new blog!!!That’s a rather lovely dress- I’ve seen a lot of lovely Karina dresses- this one is beautiful! I don’t really wear this sillouhette either but I was given a similar Emily and Fin dress like this for my birthday and I loved it! x


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