It’s a hairy situation

Okay, so I stumbled across this post on Facebook about not shaving your armpits. I’m an idiot so of course I read the comments.

And if you’re now thinking: Ew, gross she’s going to talk about hair on women’s bodies, I urge you to stay a little longer. Because of that ‘ew’.

My sense of justice is warped, I’ll admit to that. I mostly believe in an-eye-for-an-eye or more. You don’t deliver my package on time? A PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSES! Rape Sansa Stark? I’ll sacrifice Stannis’ daughter if that means YOU DIE!

Yeah, I’m not proud. Okay, sort of. No of course not. (A little)

But I can’t help feeling immensely annoyed when my hair is considered gross and unhygenic and mens are not. I’m not going to lie, I don’t care that much about what you or anyone thinks. I’m in a relationship. It’s been almost 6 years. He knows I’m lazy. He’ll comment on occasion that my legs are prickly and I’ll scowl at him – and not do anything about it. Also he never shaves his anything. I’m not going to gross you out by telling you what I do and do not shave – except I already gave away that I shave my legs…okay and my armpits. Mostly. If I plan on reaching something while not wearing a sweater I will.

But I’ll tell you something about shaving your private parts which is currently concidered the least gross thing to do. Porn invented that. It made it easier to see the penetration. (Okay, and childbirth but I’m guessing that didn’t set the trend.)

And I don’t care if you shave – but did you ever stop to think about why you did it? And if your answer is: because it looks better, well have you ever wondered why you think it looks better? Culture decides our beauty preferences – right now that seems to mean (in preferred order I believe): thin, white, hairless and tall. I probably forgot something.

Anyway back to the justice part. Seing bullshit comments about how MY hair is gross and unsanitary makes me livid. You know, Internet livid. Which means I write a blog post. I’m not stupid enough to comment directly because who needs that shitstorm and comments about being a dirty feminist… Okay, I’m a coward. I admit that. I rarely discuss on the internet – it’s just not worth it. In my last post I wrote about having anger management issues. Well, the safest way to avoid having a (hissy) fit and end up shaking and crying from anger is avoiding idiots. But I still read the comments because it’s nice to be confirmed in the worlds utter decay – apparently (I do like the responses to the Dr. Seuss comment though – the like on Yaels and Sherris comments, that’s me 😉 )

Also I know men also have issues. Also with hair. They should totally write blog posts about that. I’m not going to.

My very confused point is: Do you ever stop and wonder why you think the things you do? To me the “hair is unsanitary” comment is just another way of saying “but I’m only worried about your health” after you’ve called an overweight person gross.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do reach for the top shelf ‘confidently’ as the hair removing device adverts call it, not because you remembered to get rid of hair but because nobody would care if there was hair, stubbles (*cough guilty cough*) or not?

There you go. A little low-practical feminism to start of your weekend 😉 A hairy revolution if you will. Okay, not that. Forget I said that last bit.



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