I never wanted to change the world…

…but maybe somehow I will anyway – if only for a few people. I’m not sure why I started to blog except as much as I love IG I find that too long captions aren’t the point and sometimes I want to say more. Sometimes I don’t and then there will be weeks without a post – like now. Sorry :-S I know that is a no-no in blogging, but I also strongly believe in not writing just to write. You need to have something to say. Also I’ve been busy. Reading. Ok, I was reading but that’s busy too.

Lately several people have told me they have been inspired by me. That left me so incredibly flattered and humbled (after my initial thought that they must be mad ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). You all know you only see parts of my life (and anyones life) on social media. And maybe that’s okay. It doesn’t show the panic attacks, the shouting, the fighting and the tears and the hurt. But we all know those feelings. Would the ugliness make anyone feel better? Or does showing the good, the surviving, make people want to fight their own demons to create a better life for themselves? I have come to believe the latter. And I have found that in creating my IG-persona I have too become a better person. I want to be that person! I am re-creating myself as the person I want to be.

I measure myself and my life in others. Which sometimes makes me make bad decisions – I want pizza, but I know I haven’t been eating well and should eat something healthy. But then I see someone on IG eating pizza and I think, if she can so can I. It doesn’t matter if that person has been eating salad and juice for two weeks. If they can, so can I. But if that works with the ‘bad’ things (pizza isn’t bad, it’s just…unfortunate at times ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) surely it must work with the good as well? I know we constantly hear about people feeling bad about their own lives when they see others having great experiences, getting free stuff and eating all sorts of amazing food. But maybe we should rather see as inspiration to do something good for ourselves.

I feel happy when I see good things happening to my IG-friends. Sure I also feel jealous from time to time but in that smiling: Man, I wish that was me – not in the: That bitch, that should have happened to me.

Social media can’t make you sad or miserable. It can’t take up too much of your time. It’s just a media. You are the one controlling how much time you use and how it makes you feel, in the people you choose to follow and the responses you give to others posts.

I’m usually not this thinky-feely. But it really has left me moved that someone would find me inspirational. And I want to thank every single person who has taken the time to read my musings or like my pictures or taken the time to comment. If I haven’t responded I am sorry, but life gets in the way sometimes. I really do value every comment and every like.

I’m lucky to have you all in my life. And now I’ll stop being sappy and feelings and shit ๐Ÿ˜‰



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