The Adventures of Kat: Random kindness of strangers

Friday night when we were out taking these very serious pictures:

I found a trashed school bag. All that was salvageable was a school book, two other books and a library card.

Of course I couldn’t leave this girls stuff out there (also I couldn’t leave books out there). And thankfully there was a library card so I could go my local library and have them look her up and contact her. I left the bag with the librarian and fingers crossed they will find her and she’ll be able to come get it.

I don’t know if this was the work of thrives or bullies (I guess in this case they are the same thing) but you would be an idiot to think a little girl would have large amounts of cash or valuable thing in her school bag. Either way I felt bad for her. So I collected a little goodie bag for her.

The cupcake brooch was gifted to me by Lulu from Lulus Wonderland but I’m sure she’ll forgive me for re-gifting it.

I wrote her a card saying I am sorry she had her bag stolen but that I hope she still believes in the kindness of strangers.

I also decided to give her my beloved cupcake bookmark that I once found in a library book. The sticker is from Amyrosestudio. I also included an owl shaped piggy bank with a couple of dollars and a note that this was the beginning to save up for a new pencil case.

I hope it finds her well and I brighten her day. I really do. But even if it doesn’t, even if she doesn’t like the presents I have left her, I am glad I did it. You are not your intentions, you are your actions.



2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Kat: Random kindness of strangers

    • She did! The librarian I left the stuff with gave the mother my number and she contacted me to say thank you. Their car had been broken into so I was even able to help with the police work by telling them where I’d found it. They probably didn’t find the ones who did it though. Still it feels good to know I could help with something 🙂


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