Poppy Love

If you, like me, frequently trawl Modcloth like other people trawl news sites, you may have encountered this brand before. Modcloth sold the most adorable Alice in wonderland-esque lollipop dress a while back but it was pricey and I was unsure about sizing so it slipped away. And somehow via a tangled internet road (IG, Pinterest etc) I (re)discovered Poppy England (now Bryony & Co) (they are also on Instagram).

Poppy is a sweet little girl adventuring with her dog Fred and her friend Mr. Giraffe. She meet Mr. Giraffe over a sandwich and I think we all can relate to that. All my best friends like sandwiches. Mr. Giraffe, Poppy and Fred are even featured on a dress. How fun is that? A novelty print with a back story! And you can find Poppy and Fred (and even Mr. Giraffe) in many of the other prints. In my print Poppy and Fred are adventuring in the woods searching for a fabled creature but I’m not going to reveal if they find it (I cannot tell you my joy and excitement when I realized the dress comes with a storybook about the print!)


If you follow me on IG you will probably have noticed that I have a slight obsession with novelty prints and when Poppy was kind enough to offer me a dress to try and review, well you better believe I jumped at the opportunity (after a little happy dance). Poppys prints truly are works of art. The photos do not do the prints or the colours justice, they need to be experienced in person. I was surprised how vibrant the Forest dress was in person!

Now you might think: Well for these prices they better be pretty darn amazing. And I hear ya. I have a hard time myself paying that much for a single dress but on occassion I will do it simply because sometimes amazingness costs (like that one amazing vintage dress or Emmy Design, Bernie Dexter and you can probably name some dream brands of your own).

The only downside is the same as with most cotton lined dresses I have come across; it sorta sticks to your tights. I don’t have a slip that fits this length but I do have a not-so-poofy petticoat that works. I don’t think it necessarily needs the extra volume but I like it. And on the other hand I’m really happy that it’s lined because I live in Scandinavia and I am always happy when I can wear dresses all year round without freezing to death.

As for sizing I was quite nervous about my arms. I have large upper arms compared to my frame (28 cm so yeah 😦 ) and I’m always a nervous wreck when I order dresses with sleeves (and I do that as often as possible to hide my arms) but every dress comes with a size chart and I was fairly sure it would fit. And praise the dress gods it does. Just. But the sleeves has buttons and I must admit I did unbutton them for comfort. And speaking of comfort we walked about 5K taking pictures and watching deer and the dress was incredibly comfortable.

The 6 runs true to size in my opinion. I am 32″-25″-36″ and it fits me like a glove. I also had the opportunity to try the Beatrice dress in an 8 and sadly it was way too big for me. Sadly because most dresses are 8 and up. The Beatrice dress I tried on has long sleeves and there was plenty of room for my arms with room to spare, but the bust was also rather large. Very good news for well endowed ladies, sad news for us bosom challenged 😉 I kinda expected that from the size chart but I was hoping it would fit me better as I really like the model.

Dress: c/o Poppy England

Tights: Old from H&H

Shoes: Modcloth

Deer: Lucky accident

All photo taking magic is curtesy of Boyfriend, a camera and some very un-shy deer. I’d like to thank the deer – and Boyfriend. No editing has taken place in my photos and all opinions are mine and only mine. Spelling errors and such are also completely on me – although I wish I could blame the deer.



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