Into vintagestyle

I moved to Copenhagen a few days before I turned 20. I eventually got a job in a huge department store (Magasin du Nord for those who are familar with it) for a couple of years, selling mens wear for Oscar Jacobson (a lot of it is actually very retro looking. I was always bummed the suits and waist coats didn’t fit me 🙂 ) and later on I moved to the womens floor selling for the British brand Oasis. Even though Oasis does have some retro looking stuff I was one of those girls who wore black leggings/skinny jeans and long oversize tops/short dresses most dayspretending that was an outfit >.< Or black dresses. Or something with a slight retro feel. After I started my education I mostly wore leggings and jeans again though. It was easy and cheap.

Spring 2010

Barcelona 2012

And then I discovered Modcloth. I knew the site existed but I always just dreamed about the beautiful dresses and shoes. Most isn’t available in Denmark and we have ridiculous taxes when shopping outside the EU so I never ventured beyond dreaming. But then I saw the Hooked on a Feline dress on Pinterest and how appropriately named it was! It was my first Modcloth purchase of many (way too many). I was definitely hooked! (I mean cats! On a dress! Loads and loads of cats!). I was always fascinated with 50s and 60s fashion and I have always had a few vintagestyle items in my wardrobe. I was never brave enough to go all the way and endure the discomfort in being stared at for dressing like a 50s housewife and that is unavoidable where I live. I totally get it though. I look like I’m going to a ball when I’m grocery shopping so I probably deserve a few stares 🙂 Kids are fascinated and touch my petticoat and laugh (which is really awkward), teenagers stare and think I’m lame (but then who isn’t lame to a teenager) and grown women want my dresses. So yes, you get a lot of attention. It can be awkward if you like me actually aren’t that comfortable with a lot of attention and isn’t too great at random chatting and small talk (I’m a big time introvert and my social skills could definitely be better).

Summer 2012

My first Modcloth dress – All the cats!

I tried to accomplish too much too soon and I basically changed my entire wardrobe before I realised I wasn’t done transforming my style and the New Girl look with tights and shorter lenght dresses wasn’t exactly what I wanted – not all the time anyway. It fluctuates. I am so impatient and when I want something I want it now! Hence  my selfproclaimed compulsive shopper title. I discovered all the lovely ladies on IG that has become inspiration and friends and I went from vintagestyle to true vintage and reproductions like Bernie Dexter, PUG and Lindy Bop and I invested in my first real fluffy petticoat. One of the most valuable lessons I have finally come to terms with, is: Who cares what people think? Let them stare if they want. I have found so many ladies (and a few gents) on the social media who share my taste and style. I know I’m not alone ❤

Now I feel almost naked without red lip stick. My economy is basically in ruins but it has been worth it as I have never felt more me than I do now. I still enjoy the Jess from New Girl look from time to time but I am most happy in a vintage/repro dress and a petticoat. But as much as I don’t mind being quirky I also know that that look isn’t always appropriate. I wouldn’t wear my (big) petticoat to a job interview and depending on the job probably also not to work. If I ever do become a children’s librarian I am however sure my fluffy petticoat and novelty prints will be a big hit 🙂





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