Hello and welcome to my (new) blog. I’m Miss Information or well, actually Kat Pachniuk. I am more flattered than I can say that you’re here 🙂 Again! This was the first post on my Blogspot and I figured it should come with me 🙂 I have however updated it a bit.

I’m guessing you know me from IG so you might know some things about me. Like I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, have a wardrobe that could clothe a small village (stressing small as I’m 4’11”) and I really like books. I graduated university in 2014 and could call myself cand.scient.bibl. but I usually go by children’s librarian. Don’t let that fool ya though. I can be anything from a librarian to a PR professionel to community manager (so yes, you can totally hire me 😉 ) I am currently employed in a subtitute position that expires dec 31st. So happy New Year and unemployment to me.

Well, I’ll tell you how I got here and a bit about my background:

I am (very soon to be) 31 years old. My parents are happily divorced and have been since I was 2. My mom is Danish and my father half Polish, half Ukrainian. My father grew up in England (long story and it involves WWII deportations, rather goulish family history but with a happy ending) so I feel more connected to the UK than to Eastern Europe where I’ve never been nor do I speak Ukrainian or Polish.

I grew up in the country side in the North of Jutland with 2 miles to the nearest (small) town and spent most of my childhood climbing trees and catching frogs, mice and reptiles who would probably much rather have continued their woodland life in peace. Most were released without a scratch though. I grew up with a myriad of animals, we’ve had horses, geese, rabbits, a pet cow, a few sheep, chickens, dogs and obviously a bunch of cats. I have always loved animals and still do although I have limited myself to two cats now since we live in a one bed room flat.

The other part of my childhood sparetime was spent in my local library. I started reading Stephen King when I was 10 and I was a horror addict ever since. Not the best decision when you live in a huge farm house in the middle of the woods. The next genres I threw myself at was sci-fi and fantasy. My dad was my enabler and he has never denied me a book I wanted to read. I love him for that.

All this lead me to my current state that is obsessing when it comes to (deep breath) books, Dr.Who, favourite writers and books, Alice in Wonderland, books, Stephen Fry (oh I adore Stephen Fry), science, reason, logic, books, movies, TV series, books, social media, communication, cats, books, animals in general….and of course dresses. I think the reason it took me so long to decide on an education (I was 25) was that I have way too many interrests. I wanted to be a vet, a nutritionist, a biologist, a writer, a professor of religion science, I wanted to study English litterature and computer science at the same time… So in the end I became a librarian. I might not be master of all of those trades but I can browse them all and I like that. I love that.

My flakiness in interrests also reflects in my style. I cannot commit to an era or a style completely. First of all because if I see a novelty print I like I must have it almost regardless of the style of the dress, and second because I don’t want to. I want to wear everything.

So that’s me. Hope you decide to stick around 🙂 Again.



7 thoughts on “Hello

  1. First of all, I never realised you had a blog I clearly just get distracted by your dresses…and shoes on IG so this is so good to read. Anyway you described prefectly how hard it is to choose what to do/study. I live in Ireland and can only study library science as a masters degree which sucks! The more I see your posts the more I want to be a librarian so I’m just going to have to keep looking ?☺️


    • I’m glad you stopped by! 🙂 I am definitely happy with my decision. I’m sure you’ll find something you’re happy with 🙂


  2. I’ve been a long time silent (I’m shy) follower of yours on Instagram for a while now, and have been meaning to click through to your blog for a little while. And I’ve just sat and read the whole thing and just had to let you know how much I admire you for your complete honestly regarding the things people usually just don’t talk about such as mental illness and any kind of struggle really. It’s stuff I’ve been dealing with for most of my life and I really appreciate how candid you are about your experiences and feel less alone after reading them ❤️ Also you all round are just awesome. I’m also glad to see that you took a while before settling on a career path too. I’m 27 and just about to begin university next month after finally making that decision (for me it’s illustration, I’d love to illustrate children’s books one day!)
    Thank you so much for writing this blog and just being you 🙂


    • Thank you for reading it and even more for liking it! It’s scary to put so much of yourself out there but it has so well received. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong since I seem to have so few haters… I certainly had enough in real life!
      I’m so happy to hear you have found your calling (sorry if that sounds corny hahah). If I ever write that children’s book my mother is always pestering me about maybe I’ll ask you to illustrate it 😉



  3. Love your style! It’s the perfect combination of quirky girl and retro that I aspire to. 🙂 As a fellow petite person I have to ask, do you hem your dresses/skirts at all? I find I have a hard time with the retro silhouette on me because a lot of the skirts usually hit me past the knee or even midcalf which is a very stumpifying look on me. Looking at your ig feed, your dresses always hit at just the right spot for maximum cuteness and flattery. Any tips (or clothing brands) you could recommend would be much appreciated!


    • I do have most of my dresses hemmed. I don’t to spend a lot of money on a dress that doesn’t fit right 🙂 But I recommend Closet London for shorter retro style dresses. And they have pockets 😉


      • Shorter lengths and pockets? I’m sold! Thank you for the reply 🙂 And regarding your recent posts, best of luck to you and I’m sending positive vibes your way ❤


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